3 facts about Bumble’s new networking feature

Looking for a job? Maybe Bumble can help

Bumble adds 'BFF Mode'

Bumble recently announced plans to launch a networking feature this fall to help all the job hunters out there. Here are a few things to know:

1. It’s inspired partly by BumbleBFF

According to this article in CNNMoney:

BumbleBizz — which is slated to roll out in the fall — will exist within the Bumble app. People will be able to toggle back and forth between finding dates on Bumble, career contacts on BumbleBizz, or friends on BumbleBFF.

In March, Bumble launched its first vertical, BumbleBFF, to help people find friends.
That offering has had a lot of interest from users so far, according to Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe.

“Our early stats have been really outstanding. 90% of our userbase has activated BFF and at least tried it,” Wolfe told CNNMoney.

2. ‘Will match Bumble users by industry and location’

According to this article in Gizmodo:

BumbleBizz, as it’s so named, will match Bumble users by industry and location. It’s a spin on the app’s existing functionalities—Bumble and BumbleBFF, which match people with paramours and friends, respectively—only this time, the dream match is a new job or mentor. It will work a lot like the other two features, with a requisite mutual “yes” swipe and ladies-first message for opposite-sex interactions.

“As the first to bring the ‘swiping’ experience to professional networking, BumbleBizz is powered by the notion that a connection or simple exchange of information can lead to the opportunity of a lifetime,” the company touts in a description.

3. It will use a ‘special algorithm’

According to this article in Engadget:

A special algorithm will be utilized for these purposes, which will not include gender. This means there may often be same-sex matches in addition to those of the opposite sex. Keeping true to Bumble’s origins, however, women are expected to initiate a conversation after a match is made even in this professional mode.

It’s an interesting premise to be sure, but how well does it work in practice? You’ll have to give it a try and see.

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