3 things to know about ‘Tinder for roommates’

Tinder continues to influence society and technology

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The Roomi app launched last May, and while it isn’t a dating app, it serves as the latest example of the way Tinder has influenced society and technology. It also has potential to expand your lifestyle and social circle in ways that can lead to positive results in your dating life.

Here are a few things to know:

1. The founder ‘knew he was going to be an entrepreneur’

According to this article in NBC:

From a young age, Paul Burke knew he was going to be an entrepreneur. “In junior high, I used to stuff tons of soda and candy in my backpack and sell it to my friends at school,” he told NBC News. “It’s just kind of always been in my blood.”

Fast forward to 2014, when the new college graduate was in the process of finding an apartment. Burke quickly became frustrated with the lack of transparent housing options available.

“There were no brands outside of Craigslist that people really knew, and nothing that someone my age would really want to use,” he said. The lack of transparent housing options gave him the inspiration for RentHoop, which Burke describes as “like Tinder for finding a roommate.”

2. It integrates with Facebook, like Tinder

According to this article in GeekWire:

“Our goal is to help people have amazing roommate experiences and the best way to do that is to be the most popular way for people to find roommates across the country,” Burke said.

The app, which launched in May, uses the swipe-to-sort model popularized by Tinder. It integrates with Facebook so users can connect with people in their network.

3. It was ‘made with millennials in mind’

According to this article in NewsWatch:

This app was made with millennials in mind, as more millennials are moving more often and renting later in their lives than their parents did. DCM Ventures has helped fund the project in order to try to expand internationally. Currently, over 375,000 people in North America use Roomi, and the company sees potential in making it work internationally. David Cheng, an investor at DCM Ventures stated “We believe that Roomi, as a dedicated platform for rentals and co-living, caters to this generation’s housing needs.”

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