Sex With Your Co-Worker—Getting Through The Awkward Aftermath

The two of you were out with the rest of the team for an after-work drink. As the night progressed, the others started to peel off. After a while you were the only ones remaining.

She isn?t a particularly beautiful girl. She has yet to exchange the glasses she wore in college for eye contacts. She possesses a plain face, average body, and a bobby hair-cut. She carries herself a bit awkwardly and rarely speaks when the team is together?on both business and social occasions. But there is something about her. You get the feeling that she has been flirting with you since joining the team, but not in the way that most women do. This has had the effect of flattering your ego and drawing you to her. The two of you continue drinking and talking. The next thing you know you?re making out with your co-worker at the bar, and then taking a taxi to your place?with her beside you.

The aftermath of a random one-night stand with a co-worker can be tricky to navigate. It differs from a planned seduction. In the latter case, you have from the outset a greater sense of what you want and what you intend to do after you get it. In the present instance, the woman has manipulated and seduced you, and you can?t be sure exactly where she wants to go with the relationship.

Indeed, it is the quiet flirts that are the most dangerous.

A girl who flirts with you in an ostentatious, or even outrageous, manner is easy to deal with. Most such girls are teases who have no intention of going any further than eyeing and touching you.

The quiet flirt is something altogether different. The habit that most marks her out is always being where you are. She also makes a point of greeting you with a smile and a generous amount of warmth and never misses an opportunity to strike up a conversation about the most mundane things. Once she?s got your attention, she dangles herself in front of you, in a way that only you notice. This is all done in an effort to lay the groundwork for getting you into bed.

She got you. You?ve done the deed. Now what?

The fact is things will be awkward in the office. She is not a naturally graceful girl, so she may not be equipped with the tools to handle the situation. It is up to you to take charge.

You have your reasons for not wanting word to get out that you slept with her. To minimize the risk of her telling people you must resist the temptation of trying to avoid her the next day. Giving her the cold shoulder will make her resent you. Be calm, collected, and natural. You might even want to lunch with her and other members of the team. Although contact between you will be strained, putting yourselves in a familiar social setting just after a long night of hot and heavy fucking will help ease the tension.

The first thing you do when you leave work that day is call her. Don?t wait the standard number of days you?ve set for yourself. This is a special case. You must be as communicative as possible. Calling her the day after you stuck your dick in her mouth will show her you care and will make her more amenable to your request to keep what went on between the two of you private.

But don?t make this request over the phone. Wait until you meet her again for drinks and dinner, which you must be sure to arrange before ending that first phone call. Inviting her out on a date does not actually commit you to dating your office fling. It gives you a chance to reason with her in an atmosphere that is likely to soften her up. She will of course know exactly what you?re up to. She will nevertheless appreciate your kind and courtly manner; and will more likely than not be willing to leave the fling in the past. After a while it will be forgotten and the two of you will be able to get on as before.

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