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4 tips for setting up a date with your online matches

Has your online game stalled? Follow these tips

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Confused over when to make your move? Here are a few signs to look for next time you’re messaging on Tinder, or another app:

1. Does she ask about your plans?

According to this article in AskMen:

If a woman you’re corresponding with, either through e-mail or the phone, suddenly begins asking what your plans are for that evening or for the weekend, chances are she’s sending you a subtle hint that she wants to meet up and be part of your agenda.

If this occurs, don’t waste time beating around the bush. Grab the opportunity.

2. Don’t rush things

According to this article on eHarmony:

Asking someone for a date is not a high-pressure sales call. You don’t have to ‘close the deal’ on the spot. Slow down, stay casual, and put your potential date at ease. If it appears that the timing is not right, or she is unsure of what to say, offer her time to think about it.

There is far less reason to be intimidated when asking someone for a date than you might think. The search for the right romantic relationship is almost always mutual. Simply be the confident and thoughtful person your potential date has been looking for, ask the question, and then expect ‘yes’ for an answer.

3. Use tongue-in-cheek humor

According to this thread in Quora:

If you want to disarm it further, you could say something straight after the question like, ‘I might have suggested something, but not sure you’ll take advantage of me or not. Maybe if you promise not to’

This way, you’ve taken the pressure off even more, she’s much more likely to respond in a positive way.

I found that with myself a number of times, and I’ve actually got a blog post I’ll be uploading later on today where I had basically the same scenario happened to myself. I managed to get over it though, with a number of simple things I added to my messages.

4. Just ask

A writer for Thrillist used his opening Tinder message to ask his matches where they should go on their first date.

By far, though, the best suggestions came from women who went whole hog and asked for just what they wanted:
‘Haha I donno. How bout Paris!’

‘I vote the moon but I’m not married to the idea’

‘I’m thinking the strip club for sure. Bonding over booty is a good way to break the ice’

‘I’m thinking after we watch the citywide parade that you have planned in my honor we can take a helicopter to Mexico for some legit street tacos’

So which response won Wilder’s heart? Judging by his response of ‘Marry me’, it was a woman named Caroline who suggested they get frozen yogurt.

When he responded, ‘lets get wasted,’ she quipped:
‘I’ll bring a flask to Yogurtland!!!!’


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