3 things to know about new dating app ‘The Catch’

Instead of typical swiping, this app offers a different approach

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Launched this past March, new dating app The Catch has gained a lot of momentum in the online dating scene. Here are a few things to know:

1. Women get to ask three questions

According to this article in Bustle:

When a woman signs on, she can create a “game,” which includes three questions written by her or built into the app, and invite six users either by swiping and matching or by allowing the app to select random people for her. The questions the app suggests include “Where would you take me on our first date?” and “Tell me the best joke you’ve got! (Anything goes),” but I wanted to go deeper, so I asked about my “contestants'” views on feminism, animal rights, and sexual consent.

As I would have predicted, a few seemed turned off by the questions themselves — only two of the six randomized contestants answered. This speaks to the fact that even though the app puts women in control, men still get to choose whether or not to participate. Still, a few said some really smart, encouraging things.

2. Designed to compete with other dating startups

According to this article in TechCrunch:

The Catch will compete with Tinder, but also other dating startups similarly focused on finding you someone you’re actually compatible with like Hinge or yuppies-only app The League. Plus there’s a few like Whim, Clover, and How About We that promise on-demand dating.

Some might find The Catch’s extra friction boring compared to quietly judging people with the flick of a thumb but if it gets us in the same room with people we can tolerate being in the same room with, The Catch will be a welcome change.

3. It whittles down your possible choices

According to this article in Venture Beat:

“I grew tired of downloading all these dating apps that basically provided the same function – swipe if he’s hot,” said Shannon Ong, founder of The Catch, in a statement. “I needed more than looks. I wanted personality. So I created a cross between ‘The Dating Game’ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ where ladies can meet gents.”

The selection process is narrowed down to four men who, based on their profiles, might be a good match. The next stage allows personality to become as important as appearance and credentials. The woman chooses three questions to ask the men. She then chooses the winner based on their answers, and he is added to a chat with the woman. (The male contestants are able to avoid open rejection, as their answers are anonymous).

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