3 things to know about Tinder’s iMessage app

Tinder is using its mobile swiping innovation for other ventures

getting a date on tinder

1. You can see ‘how many likes and skips each image received’

According to this article in The Verge:

Tinder is ready to get inside your iMessage conversations, but don’t worry — it’s not trying to bring dating into the mix.

Instead, Tinder has launched what’s actually a pretty neat little voting tool, called Tinder Stacks. The app lets you choose a bunch of pictures and send them, as if in a stack of photos, to everyone in your iMessage conversation. Recipients will then be able to swipe left and right on the photos to indicate whether they’re into them or not. As voting happens, the sender will be able to see how many likes and skips each image received.

2. It shows Tinder wants to ‘diversify somewhat into the productivity space’

According to this article in Engadget:

But really, rolling images and choices together in a smooth interface is much easier than manually sending photo barrages spliced with context texts. It’s the iMessage API dream made reality: Expanded functionality tucked into a little conversation bubble. Sure, other apps have taken a stab at this, but they lack Tinder’s instant UI recognition. It’s only a matter of time before the newly fertile field of iMessage augments flood the App Store, so it was smart of the dating/friending app to leverage its recognizability, especially to diversify somewhat into the productivity space. Just don’t be surprised if asking your boss to get a new Tinder service to “improve team communication” ends up raising a few eyebrows.

3. So many news apps require swiping that ‘it’s almost a cliche’

According to this article in Mashable:

Tinder’s swipe-based user interface is, of course, one of the most recognizable parts of the app. When Mashable published its list of the 100 greatest iPhone apps of all time, we noted the greatest contribution Tinder (#20) has made to the app world is its design. The “swipe right to like” dynamic has now been copied so much it’s almost a cliché.

Now, Tinder is finally starting to expand its swipes to more use cases than dating alone, which certainly seems to fit in with its stated goals of empowering others kinds of social experiences than the dating and hookups its known for.

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