Travel a lot? Check out this new dating app

Adventurely is helping solo travelers meet

not using dating apps

Here are a few things to know about the new dating app Adventurely, launched in Dec. 2015.

1. It was inspired by a breakup

According to this article in Brooklyn:

Mita Carriman had no plans to create her own startup.

The Touro Law graduate was working as entertainment lawyer, spending her days with musicians and actors. Her life was what she describes as ‘comfortable’ until she went through a breakup with an ex-boyfriend, right before they were about to take a big trip together. Carriman’s decision to still go on the trip, alone, was a decision that changed her life and her career.

‘I wanted to get out of town and clear my head, but I was bummed that I had to go alone,’ she said. ‘It was nice to have time to relax but I thought it would be also nice to have company while traveling, not necessarily to date but maybe to date.’

2. It only has 1,000 users so far

According to this article in Gadget Goals:

‘The whole thing with the rise of solo travel is that it gives you total freedom and a positive form of selfishness in creating your own schedule,’ says Carriman. ‘To add a little balance to that experience, an app like Adventurely gives flexibility to potentially have company whenever you might want some. It’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too, if you decide to travel solo.’

Carriman and her cofounder and CTO, Luis Carlos Chacon, launched Adventurely in beta in December 2015 and the app is approaching 1,000 users. While Adventurely is currently limited to Brooklyn and New York City, it will be available in more cities later this year.

3. More people are traveling alone

According to this article in the Luminary:

For me it was when I researched the market and saw how big the solo travel demographic is, particularly for women. 72% of all women in America are now traveling solo, and its not just about so-called ‘single women’ traveling solo. Its something that married women and women in relationships are raving about as well. I think with women wearing more hats than ever in their professional and personal lives, they really just cherish a chance for quality time to recharge by themselves, and to indulge in enjoying a new place as a solo traveler completely on their own terms.

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