Here’s how Sean Rad says you should improve your Tinder

Struggling on Tinder? Consider these tips

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Tinder founder Sean Rad recently gave a few tips, based on his team’s research, on how to optimize your Tinder experience. Here are a few things to know:

1. Smile less

According to this article in Tech Times:

‘What gets you the most swipes from a sociological perspective?’ Rad asked. ‘What are people looking for?’ Rad noted that sociologists present within their staff observe this daily, conducting research to answer these questions.

‘Smiling in a photo is bad,’ according to Rad, citing one of the research findings. Rad advised Tinder users to dress up in bright colors to draw attention. Also, if users can make people aware of one of their interests, they’re more likely to be conspicuous, thus garnering added screen time, which is crucial in an era where a single photo can represent to an extent of falsehood or exaggeration, a whole spectrum of personality and traits.

2. Your job makes a difference

According to this article in Fortune:

Another piece of data to consider: Some jobs perform better with prospective love interests than other ones, according to a ranking of professions displayed on slides flanking the stage during the interview. The most right-swiped men claim to be pilots, founder/entrepreneurs, and firefighters, in that order, the list said. For women, most matches go to physical therapists, interior designers, and, again, founder/entrepreneurs.

Of course, there is no foolproof recipe for portraying oneself as irresistible. Rad fell back on the cliché of ‘being yourself.’

3. Past Tinder research also says you should use more GIFs

According to this article in The The Next Web:

Humans have spent centuries trying to understand the intricacies of love. The answer, as it turns out, might be as simple as GIFs and a dating app. While you spend 20 minutes trying to craft a perfect opener, the guy who sent this GIF is about to take that girl you just matched with out for some cheap beer and free pretzels.

According to Tinder, GIF messages are 30 percent more likely to receive a response than their non-GIF counterparts. The company also revealed that conversations with GIFs were two times longer than those without.


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