Into politics? New apps pair users based on political views

Looking for a match based on your political preference?

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With the presidential election upon us, political-themed dating apps are becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few things to know:

1. For those thinking about Canada

According to this article in Forbes:

If this election season has left you fantasizing about the possibilities of a less polarized and more publically subsidized life up North, Maple Match may be just the app to make your Commonwealth dreams a reality. According to the company, the app ‘makes it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.’ Before too long, you might ever find yourself referring to your former nation as the States–and from a safe distance.

2. Bumble has political filters

According to this article in Mashable:

‘Political views are more than just current topics, sometimes entire value sets can be tied to political views. It tells you a lot about a person,’ says Whitney Wolfe, creator and CEO of Bumble, ‘Think of it as digital bumper sticker.’

By knowing if your potential match has similar political views, it’s easier to decide if that person is worth pursuing. Or if you don’t really care about politics, this is a great way to filter out the people who might bore you with debate recaps.

‘The filters work two ways: If you are really basing a relationship on if you have common interests and values with someone, or if you’re just looking to have some lighthearted fun’ (see the Kanye 2020 sticker), Wolfe says.

3. Not everyone thinks they’re such a good idea

According to this article in Acculturated:

Maybe we’d all be a lot better off if we spent less time decrying anonymous libtards or rethuglicans on social media, and more time going on awkward dates with real life people we might disagree with occasionally. Maybe we could all agree that the truly morally objectionable people are the ones who might tell their children who to marry based on politics. Then we could date as we should, and all just get tipsy and talk about the latest Star Wars meme and take pictures of our food and do hoverboard jousting with selfie sticks like two mad lovers retweeting each other’s come-ons into the silver half-light of our American dawn.

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