Embracing The Invincible Power Of Instant Attraction

The feeling is unlike any you?ve previously had. You have long prided yourself on the kind of women you date: thin, pretty, perky-breasted, long-legged, slim-assed young blondes or brunettes. But with her, your recent crush, none of this matters.

The first words spoken between you were like a match that lit a waiting fuse. You hit it off?spectacularly. She is not a total disaster as far as looks, not without some sensuous attributes that stir your libidinal interest. A large but pleasing ass perhaps, or big, milk-maid tits that, even through her blouse, give a hint of their succulence.

Her looks, however, are not what draw you to her. In this case, it is the much vaunted personality that does the trick.

The late 80s block buster hit Fatal Attraction got the whole country talking. At the time, the topics of such conversation mostly concerned infidelity, the rights of the ?other? woman, and the issues surrounding the ?crazy bitch? meme.

It always seemed to me, however, that the invincible power of instant attraction, that primitive, bestial, carnivorous drive to sexually consume another person was unfairly overlooked. The film did a great job demonstrating that no institution, convention, or arrangement of civilized life can keep people from the madness of infatuation.

If this has happened to you, my advice is: embrace it?regardless of your relationship status or whether your crush is or isn?t the kind of girl you usually date. Such attraction occurs rarely; but when it does, you should go wherever it takes you.

Some years back I was struck by this power. Quite unexpectedly (of course, it is never something you expect). A friend and classmate of mine when I was at the Naval Academy had an older sister who I knew about but never met. I had seen a picture of her, by chance, and remarked on how attractive she was. I thought nothing further of it, but my friend, I believe, mentioned my comments to her sister.

Sometime later, my friend?s family came to Annapolis for a football game. Later on, she brought them all back for a look at her dorm room. She then brought them to my room so that I could meet them.

A smiling, cheery, warm-eyed bundle of long, curly strawberry blonde hair was the first to greet me. My friend?s sister and I hit it off instantly. Almost immediately, we began talking as though we were old friends. Humor is what brought us together. Our light-hearted banter and exchanges of wit quickly intensified the magnetism between us.

It turned out that she was less attractive in person than in the picture, but it didn?t matter. From the first moment we set eyes on each other we were smitten.

One of the great things about such instant attraction is that it requires no work. There is little you need to say to each other. You are required to make no promises or gestures of fidelity and affection. It?s as though you understand each other completely by merely being in one another’s presence.

And there is no sense in trying to ignore the feeling or play it down. The kind of chemistry involved in instant attraction is irrepressible. It is not a matter of choice but instinct. That is why I say you should embrace it. The moment?however long it lasts?may lead to a more serious relationship, though the more likely outcome is a brief but very fulfilling emotional or physical affair.

The point is for you to enjoy the ride; for it is one of the best experiences you?ll ever have.

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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