Choosing The New Relationship Christmas Gift

Your new relationship is going well. Your girl is bright, beautiful, and outrageously sexy. Her smile lights up your day and her talents in bed are beyond reproach. She is just what you are looking for right now.

Though the relationship has the potential to turn into something serious, you are not there yet and you don?t want to lead her on. Indeed, you?re not even sure if she is looking to get serious. You are both young. You have only recently gotten your respective careers off the ground, and, for now, you want to enjoy the spaces you?ve carved out to enjoy life as healthy, happy, successful singles.

Christmas is rapidly approaching. Buying a Christmas gift for a girl with whom you?ve just started a relationship is always hard. You really like this girl, but you don’t want to send misleading signals. Here are a few pointers to help you get it right.

Rule out jewelry. There is no such thing as an innocent gift of jewelry. It doesn?t matter whether it is or isn?t a ring. Necklaces, bracelets, even expensive pendants send the same message: you want to partner with her for life. Unless you?re ready to make that move, you should avoid buying jewelry. Other expensive and extravagant gifts can have the same effect so be careful.

Don?t buy lingerie. Although you have sex every night, giving her exotic undergarments is likely to make her feel embarrassed. Not because she doesn?t want to please you, but because such items are more fitting for a couple who have known each other a long time and are trying to spice up their love life. In other words, she will think that you don?t find her attractive enough as she is?that you don?t desire her naked body when you see it. Besides, she will want to show your gift to her friends and family when she goes home. Lingerie is not something that she can brag about to her mom and dad.

You should avoid the other extreme as well. She will know if she was a mere after-thought in your holiday shopping. Don?t be boring and cheap. Appliances are out of the question. Try not to buy clothes, shoes, or handbags. Again, these kinds of gifts are more appropriate for couples who have been together for some years.

Keep in mind that this is your first Christmas as a couple. That fact alone makes things a bit awkward, especially if you?ve only been going out for a month or so. You want to choose a gift that expresses restrained romanticism.

You should, in general, stay away from gift certificates; they smack of thoughtlessness and non-feeling. One exception to this idea is an all-day spa and makeover gift card. No woman can resist being pampered at a fancy spa. This can be a costly gift, but not overly so. In any case, it is a gift that she will like a lot; one that proves you put a great deal of time and effort into thinking about what would most please her.

If your girl is a bookish sort, buy her a book that is not commonly found in the big retail outlets. The diaries or correspondence of famous women authors will usually do the trick. Virginia Woolf, Edith Wharton, Rosa Luxemburg, Simone de Beauvoir are just a few of the most famous writers and thinkers whose letters and journals any woman intellectual would enjoy reading. Put it in a box with some chocolates and you?ve got yourself a gift.

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