How to Make a Girl Crave You

#1 Mistake Guys Make When They Have a Crush (Never Do This)


By: Bobby Rio

How To Hijack Her Mind and Make Her Crave You

If you?ve ever wanted to confess your feelings and tell a girl just how much you like her?


Don?t do it man.

Telling her how you feel is one of the DUMBEST things you could ever do.

I know it might sound harsh?

But if you want her to truly like you? think about you sexually? and maybe even fall for you…

Then you have to make her UNCERTAIN about you.

Keep her on her toes, so she never knows for sure whether you like her or not.

My buddy Mike calls this Keeping Her in ?The Gap.?

He explains it really well in this video ? Click Here To Watch It

According to Mike:

?The Gap is that uncertain grey-area between ?he likes me? and ?he?s not interested.?

You always want to keep women in ?The Gap.?

For example?

Smile and give her a hug… then tell her she?s a troublemaker and turn away from her. Show that you like her? but maybe you don?t REALLY like her… both at the same time. Trust me, it?ll drive her nuts.

Another example?

Text back and forth with her for hours, then STOP… and don?t get back to her for a whole day. Her mind will go crazy wondering why she?s not hearing back from you.

One more example?

At at bar or party, talk to the girl you like? then talk to her friend. And then talk to another girl, and another… Give every girl an equal amount of attention, so none of them are never sure which one you like the most.

You?ll know you?re doing it right when they all start fighting for your approval.

The idea is simple.

The longer you can keep a girl in ?The Gap,? the more she will start to obsess over you in her mind?

She?ll be desperately thinking…

?I wonder what he?s doing right now??

?Is he with another girl??

?Am I good enough for him??

?Does he think I?m cute??

?Does he want me??

?God, I hope he wants me??

?What can I do to make sure he wants me??

Have you ever noticed that when a girl does that to YOU, it makes you want her more?

It drives you crazy when she?s sending mixed signals like that? you can?t get her off your mind.

So keep her in The Gap, and she will feel the same way about you.

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