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How To Make 2017 A Year Of Style

It is a new year; with it comes new hopes and new aspirations. Of all the resolutions you?ve made for the coming year, acquiring a sense of style?that is, an idea, a conception, a definitive taste in clothes and grooming?should be at the top.

You may be one of the millions of young men who never took the time to develop and perfect an art of dress. When you were a teen, a tween, and a recent college graduate, what you wore was of little importance. Now that you are on the other side of your mid-twenties it is time to put more effort into thinking about how you look outside of your house.

The notion of fastidiousness in dress seems rather anathema to our loose and carefree age. We are slack in the way we think, speak, and relate to one another; we are relaxed in manners and morals and are encouraged to do only that which is useful, convenient, and comfortable for ourselves and others. Fussiness in dress strikes most people as unnecessary.

Indeed, on New Year?s Eve I discovered that people don?t even maintain ?club clothes? anymore; though I was also encouraged to see that at a few places bouncers still have orders to turn away anyone who doesn?t have ?the look?.

There are plenty of good reasons to get decent clothes and a richer, more interesting sense of dress. You should do it as a matter of pride. You should also do it to improve your ability to pull women.

Dressing well can make the process of attracting, dating, and bedding women much easier. Women respond instinctively to distinguished-looking men. It is one of the reasons that many older men have so much luck with younger women. The bearing and confidence with which they carry themselves is only part of their attractiveness; the other part is the sharpness and elegant simplicity with which an older gentleman dresses himself.

There is no need for you to wait until middle age to exude this kind of charisma. Walking into a restaurant, coffee house, or neighborhood pub as a man of style will draw the attention of single and coupled women alike. And getting their attention rather than giving them yours is half the battle.

But the question remains: how to make 2017 a year of style?

Start by letting go of certain prejudices. Foremost among them is the idea of what is and isn?t ?you?. Dressing with refinement and polish does not amount to putting on airs. You have the capacity to change, to grow, and to enrich your tastes.

Go to a few high street stores?preferably with a female companion?and start trying on shoes (not sneakers), slacks (not jeans), and collared shirts (not sweatshirts and t-shirts) that look interesting. If you look good in them, then they are ?you?; if the feel of a sports coat or blazer suits you, then it is ?you?. All that has happened is that you have gone beyond your usual limits and have experienced new sensations that you find agreeable. Don?t fight it. Go with it and discover where it takes you.

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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