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How To Date A Rich Girl


Things are going well. The new girl you’ve been dating is sexy, sociable, and fun to be around. You have excellent conversations, great sex, and the occasional wild night of clubbing. You feel yourself getting closer to her. You have even considered taking a step toward a more serious relationship.

However, you sense that she is holding something back. Any mention of her family or of money produces an odd response—as though she is uncomfortable talking about them. As far as you know, she has a regular job that pays a salary commensurate with yours and her dress and manner are consistent with your own middle class upbringing. But something about her is just not right.

It is only when you bring up the possibility of moving the relationship ahead that everything is brought to light. She invites you to meet her parents. You do so. And that is when you discover that she is rich—filthy rich.

It is the last thing you expected. She gave you not the slightest clue that she was part of a wealthy family.However, you must understand her reasons for keeping the truth from you.

Even though your girl came up in privilege, she no doubt mixed with kids whose families were not as wealthy as her own. She has probably had to struggle her entire life to fit in. She doesn’t want the accident of being born into a rich family to make her a kind of social freak in the eyes of others. Nor does she want to be judged and taken advantage of because of her wealth.

She kept her wealth secret because she wanted you to like her for who she is. This particular motivation is an old cliché; it continues to have relevance because people want to be accepted and loved for themselves, not for their money and status.

In any case, the harder part of entering her world is learning how to handle what money has done to her and her family.

Old money is pretty easy to deal with. If she is a third or fourth generation rich kid, she will probably be indulged by her parents and allowed to do what she wants in her love life. That is, the two of you will be left alone to manage your relationship.

New money can be more of a problem. If she is the daughter of a hard-charging entrepreneur who came up from nothing, then he might view you with some suspicion. Or, it could be the case that your girl is dating you to anger an overprotective father. You must make it your business to understand her exact nature of the relationship she has with her family.

Normally your girl’s feelings for her family would not be that important to the future that the two of you have planned. But if she is rich you must get some insight into how she relates to them. Money—especially large concentrated sums of it—matters in such instances. If you want to be with her, you must come to understand how her family’s wealth shapes her life.

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