2 Secrets to Gaining More Confidence

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2 Secrets to Gaining More Confidence

2 Confidence Building Tricks

All too often, guys make up BS excuses about why they?re dating life isn?t up to par?

Stuff like:

?I?m not good looking enough?

or ?I?m too old?

or ?I?m not rich enough?

Does that stuff really matter?

Well, here?s the TRUTH:

Sure, for a certain type of girl? money, age, or looks matter to some degree.

But studies have shown that for 97.3% of girls, it doesn?t matter at all.

Not if you have another ?secret ingredient? at least.

And if you?re not getting laid by the types of girls you want, there?s a simple reason why:

You have a confidence problem.

CONFIDENCE is the ?hidden ingredient? that makes a woman a girl desperately crave a man.

You may have even noticed guys who are similar to you in age, income level, and looks?

But pull WAY hotter girls. And have WAY hotter girlfriends.

Why?s that?

Because these guys have the secret ?confidence? ingredient.

And a woman can smell a lack of confidence from a mile away?

So when she senses you?re anxious, scared, or nervous around her? she?ll often either run like crazy, or politely dismiss you.

But if you sees you as confident, she?ll feel like she has to have you? even if she has to chase you to get you.

Now, there are exactly two ways to skyrocket your confidence with women:

METHOD #1: ?Fake It Til You Make It?

This method requires a lot more work than the second method I?m about to show you, but it also just plain works.

If you study the way a confident man acts and mimic that behavior, you will slowly become more confident.

You?ll start to experience more and more success. And your confidence will slowly become more ?real?.

If you want to go with this method, I?d recommend studying movie characters like Vince Vaughn or Sean Connery.

Study their body language. Their vocal tone. And their facial expressions.

And try to *COPY* what they do.

If you practice this enough, while talking to women, you?ll notice your confidence slowly increase.

You?ll slowly get more and more success? and that success will build upon itself.

Or you can try this method:

METHOD #2: ?Automatic Confidence?

What confidence really comes down to is the thoughts in your head.

Are your thought patterns worrisome and fearful?

Or are they calm and confident?

Over the past 3 years, I?ve developed a system for ?installing? the thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs of a man who women chase for sex into a man.

I call this technique ?Automatic Confidence?:

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This method only takes ten minutes to use. It?s completely safe. And it allows any man to experience the same levels of rock-solid levels of confidence that a world class ladies man experiences on a daily basis.

And the best part is, after these ten minutes, the results are permanent.

This method harnesses the strange psychological power of The Pygmalion Effect to force you to act in a way that women can?t resist.

That?s right? it?s completely effortless.

Look, to my knowledge, I?m the first person to ever use this psychology to help men get women 🙂

Hundreds of men have already used my technique to bag girls they thought were ?out of their league?.

And I?ve never been more proud of anything I?ve created.

I put together a short video demonstrating how it works. Check it out:

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All I ask in return is that you hit me up and let you know how this technique changes your life 🙂

I gotta run? But I hope to chat with you again soon 🙂