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The Secret To Making A Girl Want To Be Your Girlfriend

What Makes Her REALLY Want You?

If you want a girl for sex, it?s certainly possible to ?trick? her into sleeping with you with ?techniques? or ?pick up artist games?.

But if you want her to stay around? be your girlfriend? and fall in love with you? then you have to do things very differently.

The good news? The secret to getting a high quality girl to fall for you is much easier than you think.

The bad news? The secret is NOT what you?d expect. And probably not what you?ve been doing.

I wasted YEARS in my twenties trying to make money to impress girls. I spent hundreds of hours in the gym trying to get ?chiseled?. And I wasted hundreds of dollars on ?pick up? products that got me nowhere.

I hoped that that stuff would magically land me that one special girl. But to women, it just made me look like a try-hard, insecure douche.

Sure, every once in awhile I?d hook up with a drunk girl I met at a bar. But these girls weren?t high quality. And even if I wanted a relationship with one of them, I didn?t have what it took to take things to the next level.

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Here?s the truth:

Give her enough time, and a woman will always see the real you. You can?t hide it.

If you?re anxious and scared, she?ll see it? and get turned off.

If you lack motivation in life, she?ll see it? and get turned off.

If you?re worried about losing her, she?ll see it? and get turned off.

Now this may seem scary. But there?s a silver lining to all of this:

When I discovered ?Altered State Theory?, all of those ?limiting factors? seemed to vanish into thin air?

And almost every girl I talked to started to fall for me?

Why is that?

Well, ?altered state theory? is a new technology way that instantly makes you seem charming, attractive, and most importantly CONFIDENT around women.

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You see, confidence is like crack to the female mind. It?s the unseen force that gets her addicted to a man.

And due to this discovery, skyrocketing your confidence with women only takes 10 minutes (no matter how inexperienced you are).

Here?s what happens when a girl sees you as ?confident?:

She starts to pursue you. She tries to prove she?s ?girlfriend worthy?. And often time, she falls in love with you.

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Look, I really don?t care if you use the power of ?altered state theory? to skyrocket your confidence, or whether you go the slow route? and try to gain confidence through hours of practice, or therapy.

The important thing to remember is that if you want a girl to stick around, you have to feel confident that you deserve her.

Any ?tricks? or ?techniques? you try to use to cover your confidence problem are only a short-term solution.

And the more time a girl spends with you, the more she?ll see the real you? and run like hell if you?re not confident.

But when you feel genuinely confident around her?

She?ll feel like she HAS to have you? and often times she?ll be the one who chases YOU:

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Hope this stuff helps?

And remember? Confidence is EVERYTHING!


Adam Lyons

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