How to Make Her Stop Playing Mind Games

Taking back your power in the relationship

It is immensely frustrating when your relationship is usurped by mind games. Particularly early on in a relationship, she is trying to figure you out and find out what you will do in certain situations. She may try to make you jealous, or get her friends to flirt with you to trap you, or start fights for no reason just to see how you will react. This most commonly happens in relationships where you both have played by the rules, such as leaving three days after a date to text, waiting until the right amount of dates have passed before having sex, not being verbally affectionate too early, and so on.

Be honest

The best way to put a stop to the mind games is to be as honest and genuine as possible. First, look to your own behavior. Any manipulation or dishonesty on your part needs to stop. If you have been trying to game her, you should not be surprised that she is doing the same to you in response. Once you have purged your own behavior of mind games, you need to work on being honest with her. There is a reason why she feels the need to test you, and it is probably because she does not trust you. If you make yourself an open book, then her compulsion to test you will soon evaporate. Being completely honest with her about what you are doing and what you are feeling will short-circuit her mind games.

Don?t fall for the mind games

Some women will try to make you jealous on purpose, to see what you will do. This is the most common mind game you will encounter. You need to avoid falling into the trap. Be confrontational when it happens, but not in an aggressive way. If she says or does something to make you jealous, ask her outright if she is trying to make you jealous. Try to open a dialogue with her about why she feels the need to do that. Again, it is about being mature and honest; trying to mind game her out of mind gaming you is too messy. The worst thing you can do is fall into a cycle of playing mind games with each other. If you are in that cycle, you need to break it by modifying your behavior.

When you can?t do anything about it

You have tried to step out of the mind games, and you have given her some time to adjust to your new attitude, and yet she continues to try to trick you and test you. There is nothing you can do in the situation. Maybe she will grow out of it, but maybe she won?t. The only option left to you is to give her an ultimatum and tell her that you cannot deal with her mind games anymore. If even this does not make her stop, you need to get out of there.

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