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“Steal” THIS Mindset From Guys Who Women Chase

The “Magic” Mindset Women Chase After

?Whether you think you can, or you think you can?t ? you?re right.? – Henry Ford

My eyes drowsily slid open. Who was sitting next to me? She looked hot. Brunette. Long legs. She gave me a coy smile and I smiled back.

Oh, but what was this?

To my right, another gorgeous girl gave me a grin. This one a blonde. Fit.

Why was she rubbing my leg? And why were both of these mysterious girls wearing volleyball jerseys (and little else)?

?You?re hot,? whispered the brunette in my ear.

?I want you bad,? whispered the blonde.

The van halted to a stop, and the girls started walking into a towering gym.

?Come on,? the blonde said as she motioned towards me.

I climbed out of the car, and followed them.

When I got inside the gym their entire volleyball team was there. About 12 of them.

?Oh my god, he?s so hot,? murmured one of them.

?Don?t you dare,? came another voice, ?He?s all mine.?

It was an all out competition for the right to sleep with me.

BAM? and then my eyes slid open, and I came to my senses. Damn it! Why did that have to be a dream??

I tossed and turned and tried to will myself into going back to sleep, so that I could finish what I started.

But as soon as I realized that wasn?t going to happen, I turned to my side, and wrote down my raunchy adventure with that volleyball team in my dream journal I kept on my nightstand.

I didn?t know it at the time, but that day would be THE crucial turning point in my life, and my success with women.

You see, before that fateful dream, I had never had dreams like that where women wanted me to the point of fighting over me.

And the reason for that is simple: deep down, my subconscious mind didn?t believe that women wanted me. I felt like I had some deep fundamental flaw that I was trying to cover up from women. That I didn?t deserve a hot, amazing girl.

Ever since I hit puberty, I had been dealt blow after brutal blow to my confidence.

When I hit high school, my face was a pepperoni pizza. I had the most severe case of acne in anyone in my graduating class of 1,000 kids.

I had a fall birthday, which meant I was one of the youngest kids in my grade. I was shorter than average. And wider than average – about 20 pounds overweight.

My interactions with other guys in my class consisted of getting shoved in lockers, called ?pizza face?, and being told to ?get lost?.

And my interactions with girls? They just plain didn?t happen.

So it?s no shock that I developed some pretty bad beliefs about dating and women. Stuff like:

?I?m not good enough for women.?

?I?m ugly.?

?I?m a hopeless case.?

I knew that if I was going to change my success with women, I had to change those beliefs.

And it wasn?t until I started doing one tiny thing that everything changed:

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After I did this one thing, my mannerisms around women were subtly different.

My vocal tone shifted ever so slightly. I held my shoulders a bit higher. I hesitated less often.

And women responded to me very differently.

The reason for that stark change? I finally believed that I was worthy of hot women. That they wanted me. That they craved me.

And with just a little bit of dedication, you can make the same groundbreaking mindset shift.

Our thoughts create our reality.

What we believe has a tremendous impact on every action we take.

If you think, ?I?m not good enough for a girl like that,? or ?I?m too fat/old/poor for her,? then you?re right.

If you think, ?I can fuck any girl I want within 1 minute of meeting her,? then you?re delusional.

But if you think, ?There are millions of beautiful, single amazing girls on earth. I don?t get fazed by one interaction. I know I have what it takes to find one that?s right for me? then you have a healthy, positive belief based on reality. And you?re on the path to success.

It probably won?t surprise you to learn that the world?s best ladies men and seducers think very differently than the guys who can?t get laid to save their life. Furthermore, the guys who always have an attractive, charming, ?perfect 10? girlfriend think very differently than the men who scare off every ?high quality? girl.

And when you can borrow the dominant thoughts of these men, and truly believe them? well, your actions will take care of themselves.

But how do you ?borrow? someone?s thoughts? You can?t just transfer a thought or belief from one person to a next, can you?

Well, the truth is, with a little persistence, ?borrowing? someone?s beliefs and thoughts is pretty damn simple.

Here is how to do it:

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Here are some common beliefs and thoughts of a man who gets chased by women:

?This girl would kill to have a guy like me in her life. I wonder if she meets my standards??

?Women love sex. And I?m a great option to give it to them.?

?Wait? is this girl trying to TRICK me into bed?? Girls these days!?

?Is this girl trying to weasel her way into a relationship with me?!?

?Wow, I better keep my eye out for women trying to weasel their way into my bed? or trap me into commitment. Girls in today?s society will do anything to bag a good guy!?

?High quality women would be lucky to find a guy like me.?

?I know what women want better than they do themselves.?

?If me and a girl aren?t compatible, it?s not a big deal. And it?s her loss.?

?Deep down, she is attracted to my masculine presence. I just have to bring that attraction out of her.?

Now, here is what I want you to do:

Pick two of three of them that appeal to you.

And then follow the instructions I lay out in this short tutorial:

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Over the next week of doing this, I want you to notice as your beliefs and mindsets permanently change. Notice as women respond to you differently. Notice as your dreams and subconscious thoughts transform. And notice as you have to ?try? a little bit less as you talk to a girl.

When the ?shift? happens, and you know without a shadow of doubt that women want you, it will be a moment you?ll never forget. Just like my dream.