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How To Dress Well Without Trying


Every woman’s crazy for a sharp dressed man. So goes the popular tune by ZZ Top. There is much truth in it. Women respond well to men who wear nice clothes and look good in them.

You do not have to wear a suit and tie every day or go around dandified to meet this standard. Nor must you leave home every morning as though you were going out clubbing or spend enormous sums of money at The Gap or The Structure.

Following a few simple pointers will improve your dress and get you attention from the random females you encounter when out and about.

1. Size does matter

Drop the baggy look. Wearing oversized shirts and pants may not matter to the girls at a college house party. In the post-college world, it indicates to most women that you are slovenly and unserious—that you are still a student and not worth taking seriously. Buying clothes that actually fit you is a small thing, but it can have enormous consequences for your dating prospects.

2. Age, not youth

People misunderstand the attraction of youth. While vigor, energy, and creativity are attributes of being young they have nothing to do with appearance. You must dress like a grown up if you want to be treated like one. Women respond well to maturity in dress, speech, and general conduct. The part of yourself to keep youthful is your energy and openness of mind.

3. Drop the graphic tees

Lose the superhero and vulgar quip t-shirts. You may like your sense of humor, but you need not make it the first thing that women see. A t-shirt with “I Got Wood” (I’ve actually seen a grown man wearing this) written on it will not get you the time of day.

No, you need not be constantly bundled up in collared shirts. Solid, one color t-shirts, striped tees, and henleys can be just as effective in making you look cool, and at the same time masculine.

4. Jeans—the simpler the better

There is a fashion movement afoot to make ripped jeans, baggy jeans, dirty jeans, heavily faded jeans, and other forms of degraded jeans mainstream. I am strongly against this trend. Again, no matter how much you may want to embrace looseness and extreme casualness in style it will always comes off as immature and unattractive.

Go for straight, clean, dark blue jeans that actually fit. Some kinds of faded jeans work. If they are slightly faded and appear neat and well-cut, they will do.

5. Layers

A nice v-neck sweater with a clean collared-shirt underneath, a Merino wool blazer with a one color shirt and blue jeans, a light jacket with a collared-shirt and a t-shirt underneath—these are some of the ways that you can vary your look to appear more interesting. It is harder to do this in the summer, when you want to wear as little as possible. But in the cooler seasons you should try combinations and layers that will draw female eyes to their details.

6. Miscellaneous

No saggy pants—ever. You should always wear a belt; doing so gives you a neater appearance. Coordinate your colors; it shows that you are conscious of and actually care about what you are wearing.

About Christopher Reid

Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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