Does She Share Your Vision?

Big tits, great lips, a great ass, a warm and wonderful smile?your girl seems to have it all. That is why you flirted with her, chatted her up, and took her out. She is beautiful in appearance and mind-blowing in bed. But is that enough? Is she really the woman that you need at this stage in your life?

If you are man who has reached the top in your profession, or is nearly there, everything you do and everyone who shares your company will be scrutinized and judged by your peers and the jealous minions below who are waiting for you to make one false step so that they can take your place.

Having a gorgeous woman as a girlfriend or partner is not without its advantages. Your colleagues?most of whom are probably men?will welcome a sexually appealing woman in their presence. And if your girl is a more than adequate hostess, then you will be able to carry off with some success the mandatory entertainment that all powerful men must offer.

If she has some education and a middle class upbringing, she will know how to execute such tasks without difficulty. The more pressing issue is does she share your vision?

There is a world of difference between how you get on in public and the relationship and values you share in private. If you are a man of energy and vigor, if you are filled with ambitions beyond even what you have already achieved, you must have a partner who shares your aspirations. Let me be clear. It is not enough for her merely to support you in your endeavors; she must know what role she will have as the woman by your side?as your lover, partner, and friend.

Perhaps the best model of what I?m talking about is Claire Underwood from the hit television series House of Cards. The wife of President Frank Underwood is no shrinking violet; she is no meek and humble wife who walks silently behind her husband. She is as hungry for power and as aggressive in the pursuit of it as he is. This is the kind of woman?though Claire Underwood herself is perhaps on the extreme side of things?that you want as you continue to climb.

And you should be under no illusion: you will need one woman. The image of the playboy powerbroker is more fantasy than reality. You can only attain your goals if you concentrate your energies and attention; and it is impossible to do so if you?re frittering away your time chasing every no-account skirt all over the city. Doing so is perfectly fine and natural when you are young, inexperienced, and relatively junior. But once you?ve gotten within striking distance of all that you have worked hard to get it is better to leave womanizing in the past.

As hard as it may be to admit, the girl you?re dating now may be all wrong for the next phase of your life. She may be, in a manner of speaking, a relic of your more irresponsible years. It may be time to let her go and look for someone who is right for what you must do next.

Successful men need women who are comfortable in the presence of power?financial, material, and intellectual power. They need a woman who will take an active part in advancing their careers and protecting them against sneaks, traitors, and haters. If you can sense that your time has come and that your rise to the top is inevitable, it is time to settle on a woman who is ready to accompany you as an equal.

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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