Is there a pickup line that works to get a woman interested?

Is there a pickup line that works to get a woman interested?

A pickup line is guaranteed to work in only once circumstance: if a woman is already interested in you, or is at least attracted to you. You cannot miss under these circumstances because she is less concerned with what you have to say and more attentive to the fact that you have spoken to her at all.

A girl who is having a night out with friends, who has had a few drinks, who is filled with smiles, mirth, and giddiness, and has already given you the long stare to signal her attraction is more likely to fall for lines such as ?I can?t help thinking that you look like my next girlfriend? and other utterances. She will of course think its cheesy (all pickup lines must by necessity sound corny and silly), but in a sweet and innocent sort of way that is likely to work in your favor.

Outside of these circumstances you run a risk of outright rejection. We live in a cynical, skeptical, and suspicious age. Few people take words at face value; and in fact are more willing to believe that anything said to them is the mere opening gambit in the speaker?s agenda rather than a sincere expression of his feeling. A woman need not possess a modicum of street smarts to tell a pickup line from a genuine sentiment.

Delivering a pickup line under such conditions is likely to result in being ignored, rejected, or toyed with and then rejected: all bad outcomes for you.

How Humor and Banter Can Work Better Than Pickup Lines

But there is another way to go about this business. To make a woman laugh is to break down her outermost defenses. To be sure, this initial barrier is not as tough and high as we men think. The fact is women love attention; they want to be talked to, engaged with, and entertained, and they in turn want to take interest in the man that gives them these things.

Her outer barrier is more an advanced radar than a boundary wall. She can see with her eyes whether you have a physique that pleases. What she is attuned to when you speak your first words to her is your level of confidence, cleverness, authenticity, and guile?the possession of which will make you appear both strong and intriguing.

Instead of using single lines to get a woman interested I suggest employing the more elaborate but reliable tactic of banter. Banter is a form of intelligent conversation. It requires a certain amount of alertness and facility with words, but it can be fun and highly effective in getting a girl to like you.

Begin with something minor and seemingly insignificant. A casual remark about the kind of cocktail she is drinking or the vintage of wine she has in front of her can be the starting point to a back-and-forth that draws her in and compels her to see you in a positive and non-threatening light. The key to making this work is to keep your composure and good humor. Stay witty and playful. Don?t rush things and don?t push into intimate territory unless she does.

If you do it right, she will want to carry on the conversation and at the end of it give you her phone number.

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