How to use "Dirty Talk" to Unleash Her Wild Side

How to use “Dirty Talk” to Unleash Her Wild Side

Talk to her like a naughty, dirty girl

What do you say when your friends ask how your date went last night?

Do you offer a standard answer; that the date was good, and you slept with her?

Doesn?t sound like there was much to brag about. That?s because most sexual encounters, whether the first time or the hundredth, are simply routine.

What if your answer could be different?

Imagine telling your friends that the woman you bedded last night was a BEAST in the sheets!

Imagine telling them she was an insatiable slut, willing to do anything you asked!

Imagine being able to say the same about every woman you have sex with.

You can, but first you must get bad advice and conditioning out of your head.

Men have been told constantly that women need romance, tenderness and a soft touch. We are told they need a compassionate, caring man who makes them feel safe.

Sure, that sounds right, but only outside the bedroom.

Once behind closed doors, what women need is a different side of you.

How to Break Down Her Sexual Barriers

Remember, women have been repressed sexually for centuries, ultimately being told their needs are not important.

What they really need is for us to break down those barriers, and allow them to be unrestrained.

Women don?t become sexually aroused and lose inhibitions in the same way men do. When it comes to sex, men are visual creatures, while women are mental creatures.

The key to unlocking her inner porn star is to get out of your own head and start using your mouth.

Most men are under the impression that saying tender things to a woman during sex turns her on.


Every guy is filling her head with ?nice-guy? crap during sex, if they speak at all.

What Women Want You to Say to Them in Bed

There is a better way. A more exciting way. A way that will drive her wild, and have her doing things that would make a whore blush.

The way to get the best from a woman in bed is by using one simple thing:

Dirty Talk.

Women want to hear things that you wouldn?t normally say.

They want to hear you talk to her like a naughty, dirty girl, allowing her to unleash that part of her.

And the more you do, the more turned on and orgasmic she becomes.

Most men don?t realize they can talk dirty to a woman in bed.

Most men don?t have a clue what to say.

Most men are afraid to disrespect a woman by saying the wrong thing during sex.

All that can change once you understand what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

Understanding dirty talk opens the floodgates, even allowing you to keep her aroused and ready, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Isn?t that what you really want from a sexual partner? Eagerness? Willingness? Ready to have sex with you at any time?

If this is what you want, then it is time you learned how.