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7 Easy-To-Fix Problems That Are Sabotaging Your Sex Life

The 7 Factors That Are Sabotaging Your Sex Life

Sex, the one thing that all men crave and yet many fall short on. After all why else do we read these sites other than to boost our chances of landing in bed with the opposite sex.

Some women will tell you that it’s not right to see women as just objects for sex, but the truth is both men and women crave sex at an instinctual level. We are genetically encoded at a base layer to want to reproduce with the opposite sex.

Women, just like men want sex. But what happens when the horny guy that used to be you, suddenly vanishes?

When your sex drive disappears it can be pretty damn alarming, first… don’t freak out. I’ve talked to relationship experts, dug through online journals and organized this list of the most constant (yet sometimes surprising) things that are sabotaging your game in the bedroom.

1. You’re Exhausted

You might be surprised to know that getting in the mood for your next date has nothing to do with your Pornhub account. Those late night ‘habits’ you’ve been sticking too are affecting your sex drive in the wrong way.

Hitting the pillow and getting enough sleep is one of the most significant factors for maintaining an active sex drive. Sleep deprivation lowers your sex drive.

Studies have shown that testosterone is developed at night so by getting less sleep your body isn’t producing that all-important drug. It’s been predicted that not getting enough sleep can lower testosterone by as much as 15%. Testosterone is also vital for growing muscle, strength and bone density.

Try and aim for seven and a half hours per night.

2. You’ve Been Skipping Exercise

When you’re working out all the time, you not only look better you feel better. That has added benefits both for landing dates and performing at the end of your dates.

When you decide to bail on the gym, it has the opposite effects. Professionals agree that your body image has a huge impact on how you feel sexually and how you act in the bedroom.

When you feel energized from a workout, and you feel confident with your body, you’re more likely to initiate?and enjoy sex with your partner.

3. You’ve Been Smashing Too Many Burgers

We all love the drive through from time to time, but did you know that too much fast-food has a massively negative effect on your libido? Time to start blaming your fast food habits for your non-existent sex life.

All that excess fat and salt you’ve been smashing into your face diminish blood flow, (as well as giving you that greasy smelling demeanor). This makes it more difficult for your *ahem* manhood to stand to attention, it can also leave you feeling dehydrated and bloated – neither of which are two things that would make you want to jump into bed with anyone.

On top of all that excess fat and salt, you may be surprised to know that fast-food grub also includes phthalates, that’s a chemical found in conveyor belts in food factories. That’s important to know because studies have shown links between women’s sex drive and phthalates, and not in a good way.

Women’s sex drives are negatively affected by that nasty chemical, so it’s not hard to realize that it probably has the same effects on men, thanks, science! Time to break it off with our favorite fast-food chains.

4. You’re Pulling Your Hair out

Those incredibly stressful moments you have in work don’t just affect your appetite and your sleep; they’re messing with your sex life too. Experts state that intense stress can affect your desire to have sex. While your worrying in your head about work, all those thoughts and energies are focused on the problems.

Understanding that stress affects your sex life negatively can give people the motivation they need to try and separate work from home and not to take their work baggage home with them. Best to leave it at the door.

If you’re still struggling with stress, you can try and keep a stress journal and see if stressful moments link into your sexual drive. You could also take up a stress-reducing activity like yoga or go to the gym to help combat those problems.

5. Your Sweet Tooth

Most of us realize that eating too many sweet things is bad for your teeth and your abs, but not many realize it has a negative effect on your sex life too. When you eat too much chocolate or sweets your body gets overfilled with glucose.

Any glucose that doesn’t get used gets stored in your body and contains aromatase that boring sounding chemical actually converts your manly testosterone into estrogen. Eating cakes literally makes you more girly, but more worryingly it can also lead to lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction problems.

It’s best to swap out that extra muffin for something healthier like a granola bar or something. I hear pineapples have added benefits your girl might like.

6. Technology Is Taking over

If you and your women are constantly on your phone or laptop 24/7, you aren’t connecting with each other or able to enjoy each others company. This technology overload can lead to strains on relationships and your sex life.

It’s also pretty hard to get in the mood when you’ve just been looking at cute cat videos. If you think that technology is killing your sex life, it’s probably best not to chuck your girlfriend’s TV out of the window, instead opt for a more discreet approach.

Get outside, make a technology ban for yourselves when you’re together, do something that gets your blood pumping like jogging or an intense sports activity. Not only does this allow you to connect and bond more, but it get’s your blood pumping.

7. You’re Holding onto Grudges

Still pissed off about something your girlfriend did the last Christmas? Dude… let it go. It may not be at the forefront of your mind, but subconsciously it could be affecting you in the bedroom.

Whenever you have unresolved anger, it stops you being there in the moment, that’s crucial to maintaining a healthy sex drive. The solution is simple, stop sucking it up and confront your girlfriend or that girl from the office about what’s getting to you.

Yes, it may lead to an argument, but usually, that’s the perfect instigator for a wild encounter, and damn hot sex in the future.


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