How To Have The Perfect New Year’s Celebration

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A few pointers on getting the most out of the holiday

It is not too late to make this New Year?s memorable. The first thing you should do is change your perspective of the event. Everyone pours their focus and energy into the few hours leading up to the bells. But this is a terrible waste of a holiday that really ought to unfold over two days rather than a few drunken hours in the wee hours of the first of January.

Here are a few tips that will lead you to the perfect New Year?s Celebration.

A big New Year?s Eve dinner is essential

New Year?s Eve is associated with the copious consumption of alcohol. Most photos depicting New Year?s Eve parties have people in fancy clothes holding champagne glasses. The image is misleading. No one can get through hours of drinking, enjoyably, without food.

A large meal should inaugurate the festivities on the 31st. It is not too late to have something at your place with a few close friends. Planning a last minute dinner party is not as difficult as it once was. There are a great many catering companies that exist for the express purpose of delivering this kind of service. You can order a large gourmet dinner that will serve dozens of people within 48 to 24 hours of the day you wish to host the event.

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Even if you are only able to get a handful of your buddies together, it will be worth it. Eating good food, drinking a few glasses bubbly, and enjoying the company around you will give you a feeling of joy and contentment as you proceed to your watch party.

You don?t need a date

You ever notice that insofar as anyone hankers after a date on New Year?s Eve it is women? There is a reason for this: they are desperate for the New Year?s Eve kiss. Where this ridiculous tradition came from I do not know. What I can tell you is that you should not saddle yourself with a date on New Year?s Eve. Trust me when I say that just because you go out alone?that is, without female company?does not mean you will be alone.

I have yet to go to a club, bar, or other party venue on New Year?s Eve without seeing waves of single women in clusters quite desperate for male attention. You will need to dance, but it is a small price to pay. The ringing in of the New Year is a kind of aphrodisiac to the sisters; they are desperate to be kissed, to be held, to be shown affection of some sort after midnight.

If you are smart, you will take full advantage of the fact that as a single man you will be in high demand at whatever party you happen to attend.

Drink in moderation

The advice seems absurd, but here me out. Overdrinking on New Year?s Eve rarely leads to anything good. I argued before that you should have a big meal before you go out on the town. That is the time to do your heavy drinking. The food will absorb the alcohol and you will go to the watch party with a good buzz. While there you should slow your rate of consumption, especially if you are drinking champagne.

If you are to pick-up at the watch party, you cannot be in a drunken, slovenly, slobbering state. Only one type of woman will be willing to take you to her bed in such a condition; and you don?t want to wake up later in the day to that horrifying sight.

Enjoy your last day of rest

The other reason you should drink in moderation at the watch party is to actually enjoy New Year?s Day. For nearly the whole of my twenties I spent every January 1st nursing a hangover. Looking back now I wish I had done things differently.

It is the last full day of rest before you go back to work. You will of course sleep-in, but you should then be able to get up and relax in a state of perfect health. A nice film, a spot of coffee and lunch, perhaps even a bit of love-making is a good way to spend the afternoon. And you will have a much better time at New Year?s Day dinner with family and friends if you are not feeling pukey and lethargic.

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