Are You Sexually Compatible?

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How to tell if you are libidinally unsuited for her


The first few weeks of sex with your girl were filled with the wildest, the most vigorous, the most exciting and energetic sessions of humping and pumping. Nothing that you experienced in that initial stage of the relationship suggested that there would be any problems in the bedroom. But that is the trouble with the opening phase of any relationship: it gives false indications of what?s to come. Pure lust, the exuberant strangeness of being inside of new pussy, makes it seem as though you will want her every day, in every position.

Reality begins to crowd out this illusion as the relationship ages. Sexual compatibility consists of a natural and sustainable libidinal harmony between you and your girl. While sex will never be the same as it was in the beginning things between you should always feel right?the desire, though not as ravenous, should remain steady; she should take you in her mouth, her pussy, and the other orifice (it that?s what the two of you get up to) with pleasure, and the two of you should know just how to move, to lick, to suck, to pinch, and to thrust in ways that get you both off.

Sexual incompatibility is not necessarily anyone?s fault. It must be accepted as brute fact that some bodies are not conjugally suited to one another.

Here are a few signs that you and your girl are not good together.

Sex is rarely spontaneous

As busy as life gets, there is always time for a little nookie. If you find that you and your girl have almost pre-programmed the times when you have sex, then you are missing out on the best part of it.

Random acts of seduction, with a bit of playfulness, are an essential part of good sex. If you are not turned on by the sight of her in the kitchen cooking in panties and a t-shirt and feel the urge to grab her from behind, bend her over the kitchen counter, and blast a hole into tomorrow, if you do not swoop her up when she comes home from work, put her on the dining room table, hoist up her suit skirt and eat out her pussy, then you are letting the best in life pass you by.

It is, in any case, a sign that you are sexually incompatible.

There is no position that you both enjoy

You each may have positions that you especially like. There is nothing wrong with that. But there should be at least one position that you both like. You will know when you have found it because you will feel the need to go slow, owing to the fact that it feels really good and takes you to the point of climax, and the fact that she enjoys it as well.

If you cannot find such a position, it may be a sign that your parts just do not go well together.

You cannot get a rhythm going

Rhythm is an important part of good sex. I didn?t realize how important until I dated a girl who had none. She had a great body and a fantastically hot and tight pussy, but she could not kiss (a rarity among women) and she flailed all over the place whenever we were together.

Poor rhythm is sometimes the result of inexperience. I think this was the case with the girl describe above. However, it may also be a sign that the two of you make awkward lovers.

You find it hard to cum

A girl who makes you hot, a girl who you truly desire and like to have sex with should make it difficult for you not to cum. If you find it difficult to ejaculate with every girl that you are with, then you should probably see a physician. However, if your seed has become stopped up only since you started seeing your current girl then she is the problem?or, perhaps it is better to say, the two of you together is the difficulty.

The bottom line is that you should cum every time you have sex with her. You should not have to go to the living room or bathroom to finish yourself off after a romp in the sack.


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