Her Friend’s Flirtation—Should You Take The Bait?

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Tips on dealing with the hot friend who wants you

The thing about having a hot girlfriend is that her friends will be hot. It is nearly a universal law that attractive women are pulled toward one another; they go out in packs, party together, and stay together through the ups and downs of their individual romances.

You may have met your current girlfriend when she was out with her friends. You may have even found it difficult at first to choose the one that you wanted to talk to. In the end, through her humor, charm, brains, or general easiness, your current flame won out.

But this may not have completely solved puzzle. The other girls, the ones you didn?t choose, are still around?always around. In fact, the only time that one or all of your girl?s femme pack are not around is when the two of you are having dinner or having sex.

And there is something more to say about the latter. You may have noticed, and you are not alone in this feeling, that when you are the sole male in the company of your girl and her friends they give off the slightest suggestion that an orgy could take place at any moment. It is not in your head. Hottie femme packs do this. They tease and flirt with one another and with the man in their presence as a way of calling his attention to their individual attributes and charms.

But there is always one who desires to go beyond mere teasing to actually doing her friend?s boyfriend. I do not propose to list all the reasons why one of your girlfriend?s friends might want to betray her by fucking you. It must suffice to say that it results from a mixture of raw lust, jealousy, and a desire to see what she can get away with.

Rare is the would-be turncoat who comes straight out with a proposition. Expect more subtle advances. She will tend to arrange things so that the two of you are alone more than you should be, she will take an unusual interest in the state of your relationship (information she can easily get from her girl), and she might even make a point of making out with other guys in front of you just to demonstrate how open she is to sensual pleasure.

This is all bait. The question is: how should you respond to it. Here are a few tips and alternatives.

Trust but verify

Extremely hot women are experts in mindfucking. They have been desired and chased after by men since puberty, and they have no doubt mastered every way to lead on, fake out, exploit, and torment every man they come across. She may seem simple, but do not be fooled into thinking she doesn?t have you figured out.

Your instincts may tell you she wants you. That may be true, or she may just be toying with you. The only way to verify what she wants is to force her to make the first move. If she is always getting you alone with her, get as close as you can to her, without touching, and observe how she responds. If she freezes up, she isn?t serious. If she makes the unmistakable female gesture of wanting to be kissed, it means she is up for something to happen.

Be sure of what you want

Before you proceed you should decide what you really want with your girlfriend. If you have no intention of pursuing a serious relationship with your girl, then you might want to risk a tumble with one of her friends. If you really like your girl and are open to something more serious, then you must resist temptation. The one thing you must get absolutely clear about is that your girl will find out if you cheat on her. There is simply no way to keep it a secret indefinitely.


But you should try. These choices can be difficult to make. However, I have always been one for trying to minimize the pain and emotional wreckage they can lead to. If you have the desire and opportunity to have sex with one of your girlfriend?s friends, be sure that she is a woman of discretion.

Try to get at her true intentions. Is the friend really into you and hates as much as you do the prospect of hurting your girl? Is she some sociopath out for all that she can get? Or is she trying to revenge herself on your girl for some past injustice received from her?

It is crucial that you answer these questions before starting the affair.

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