Fake It till You Make It: What Confidence Buys You with Women

How True Confidence Will Help Your Dating Life

When it comes to dating, there is one thing that seems to be the ultimate tool in an alpha males arsenal. Confidence. Confident people seem to be not just happier, but everything they strive for in life seems to come towards them naturally.

A lot of experts contribute confidence as being a major factor for success in your life, but the biggest question that people are asking is, how do you become a confident person?

Understanding what makes a person confident, and the difference between confidence and self-esteem is just the first step on this journey. If you feel that you aren’t a confident person and want to learn the steps you can take to build up your self-confidence, then this article is for you.

Pull on your favorite socks and hold onto your hat, it’s time to understand what confidence buys you with women.

Why Confidence is So Important

Confidence is such a crucial element in dating. When you have a lack of confidence, it means you don’t trust in yourself or in what you are doing. This means you’ll be not taking essential steps in your life because of fear, or if you do make those leaps, you aren’t going all in.

By not believing in yourself you are forced to rely on external people or things, seeking reassurance and validation constantly. By doing this, you are taking all of the power away from yourself.

When you are confident, you don’t blindly believe you are the best at everything, you are acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and then accepting them for what they are. This is the critical difference between confidence and arrogance or ego.

Accepting yourself, faults and all is the first step to true confidence.

Here Are Five Traits Confident People Possess, That Women Love

Once you’ve achieved that coveted status of ‘a confident person’ you will see that things start to turn in your favor. It’s not just women that love confidence, but people in general.

When you start to become more confident in yourself by acknowledging what you are good at and accepting what you aren’t good at, you’ll start to see responses from people throughout your life. This includes but isn’t limited to total strangers, your work colleagues, women you date and even your family.

Here are seven of the best traits you’ll recognize in confident people that women truly love.

1. They’re Not Afraid of Making Mistakes

When you are confident in yourself, you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there. When people fear to make mistakes, they do so because they are worried about how people perceive them and are scared of what other people think.

By moving away from what other people think, you’ll often be put in positions with risks. Asking the girl at the bar a question, inviting a woman to a date, complimenting a girl who appears to be with another guy. However, as a confident person, the reward far outweighs the risk.

You’ll find that more often than not, the odds will fall in your favor. It turns out that girl wasn’t with the guy anyway and is actually single and ready to meet a guy.

By not being afraid to make mistakes, you’ll put yourself outside of your comfort zone which is where the magic really happens.

2. They Listen Before They Speak

The uninitiated among us may think that telling a girl about how amazing you are is the secret to her seeing what a big deal you are. The truth is, people, love to talk about themselves.

Truly confident people can sit back and listen, without offering an opinion. This gives them a chance to both evaluate what she and everyone are saying before they decide on what they will say. It also adds a sense of mystery, not giving away how you feel about a topic until you’ve heard the other person’s opinion gives you a strong positioning for success.

By knowing when to listen and when to speak, you’ll maintain an element of mystery and give yourself time to perfect your answer.

3. They’re Happy Not Being the?Centre?of Attention

Let’s face it, a lot of guys love being the center of attention. They want women to see how big and strong or intelligent and witty they are, yet the true art of making women feel wanted is to make her the center of attention.

Giving your date center stage and focusing the limelight away from yourself can give other people the opportunity to shine. You don’t need to prove to anybody how special you are, you already know you’re the real deal, and that will show from not acting out.

4. They Understand the Importance of Saying No

Nobody likes a yes man, especially not women. A confident person knows the right time to say no and isn’t afraid to do so.

Having the confidence to know in yourself what will work for you and what won’t work is a great skill. It also means that if you’re petrified of heights and a girl wants to go rock-climbing on a first date, that you know it might not paint you in the best light.

Probably best to skip that one.

5. They Won’t Judge

Arrogance, judgment and ego are some of the most unattractive traits that can be portrayed as a human. Some individuals really get off on acting this way, but the charms of a truly confident person will usually outway the allures of an arrogant individual.

Ask yourself why people act out in a social situation. Ego or arrogance is usually seen when people are insecure and are outwardly seeking validation from external people as a source of their own confidence.

Self-confidence that is gained from yourself without needing external validation is one of the most attractive and sought after trait for men to possess. When will you begin to master the art of self-confidence? Get started today.


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