The Advantages Of Dating A Gilf

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How to get the most out of dating a mature woman

Sexy grannies are everywhere. Shopping malls, restaurants, bars, even your own workplace is filled with hot, trendy, single women over fifty who are nowhere near finished with life. These mature ladies are out for a good time. They have put in their dues as mothers and wives. They are approaching their sunset years and want to go out with a bang (pun intended).

For a young buck like you, the most difficult part of approaching one of these sly silvery sex pots is overcoming the natural barrier presented by age. You know how to chat up a girl of your own age; you share a lingo that makes it easy to flirt with such women. But what do you say to the slim, leggy fox who is sending you all the right signals? How do you approach a woman who speaks and walks and projects herself in a way that suggests supreme confidence in who she is and what she wants?

The answer is simple: walk up to her?when the time is right?and introduce yourself. It is that easy.

Older women are free of airs and pretensions. They are loath to waste time with silly games. If she is eyeing you, then she is interested, and will make it easy for you to flirt. Not only that GILFs (Granny I?d LikeTo Fuck) are more likely to prefer a more straightforward and?dare I say it?old fashion way of being approached. In their younger days, that was the way men got to know women: by introducing themselves and making their intentions plain.

Is going out with a GILF worth it? Yes. Although the two of you may receive a few stares and overhear the wagging of some tongues, most people will not care. And you are not likely to have much trouble introducing your new woman into your social set. Chances are you are not the first young man your granny crush has dated, and so she will know how to charm and disarm the fellas.

Indeed, there are a number of advantages to dating a GILF

Her baggage is full but light

A woman who is, say, twenty to thirty years older than you will have lived a full life. She will have had children and grandchildren, ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends, and experiences that range from illness and abuse to world travel and bankruptcy.

However, it is important to remember that whatever she has gone through she is still standing. That means she has found a way to process and compartmentalize the pain, disappointments, and disasters life has thrown at her. She is seasoned and spry and determined not to let the bad crowd out the good?including the prospect of having a good time with you.

Dating a woman with a lot more life experience will actually save you from dealing with the endless neuroses, anxieties, and insecurities of women who have not yet learned how to processes and control such emotions.

Financial independence

In the beginning, she will want to be courted and romanced, wined and dined. She will want to be taken out and treated. But after you have proven yourself, and have demonstrated your dedication to her, she will start to treat you.

Most GILFs are financially independent. Their children have long since grown up and left home, so they have no monetary obligations on that front. Your girl will want to spend money on someone she has affection for, and you should let her.

I?m not saying you should use her for her money. The point is that finances will not be a problem. You will not have to worry about haggling over restaurant bills or scrounging up enough cash to order takeaway. You can relax and treat each other as the mood and moment moves the one or other of you.

The sex

Get ready for adventure and excitement! Some GILFs are into role-play and other sex games. After years with the same man, she may want to experiment and release all of the naughty fantasies that she has thought up over the years.

Even if she is a straight meat-and-potatoes kind of girl, her confidence and comfort in bed will make the entire experience much more pleasant for you. She will know how to get herself off, and will be eager to explore all the positions and acts that please you.

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