8 Ordinary Things You Can Use to Spice up Your Sex Life

8 Household Items to Spice up Your Sex Life

In most relationships, there comes a turning point. The honeymoon period dies off, sex just isn’t as appealing anymore, and vanilla sex just isn’t cutting it. What you need is a way to spice things up.

But most people aren’t ballsy enough to hop onto Amazon and order a do it yourself BDSM kit, so how do you spice things up without going overboard?

In most peoples homes there are a variety of different everyday items that you can use to turn vanilla sex into something which your other half will be dying to tell her girlfriends about.

Don’t let the fear of taking it up a level slow you down, adding in any of these eight things to your sex life can give it the much-needed boost it needs to have your other half dragging you upstairs after work every day.

1. Cancel Out Any Noise With Headphones

Sensory deprivation is a powerful tool in your sexual arsenal which calls on the brains nerve cells to heighten the sexual experience. When your body is deprived of a sense something called neuroplasticity happens. This is where the brains neurons adjust to new activities?in response to a change in the environment.

When you lose a sense such as hearing or seeing, the body compensates for this lack of sense, heightening other sensations. By putting headphones onto your partner and playing music (I’d vote for a sex-fueled playlist) they can no longer hear what you are doing as you move around the room.

Pairing this with number two on the list can lead to heightened anticipation.

2. Take Away Her Sight With a Sleep Mask

Continuing on the sensory deprivation front, pair your sex playlist with a blindfold. No need to go fancy here, grab a sleep mask or if that’s not available a scarf or any item you can tie around your partner’s eyes to stop them seeing will work just fine.

By taking away both sight and sound, you are in a position where your partner will not know what to anticipate. Using this can be incredibly intense and pleasurable for your partner with even the softest touch becoming amplified up to 10.

Try putting your partner in the middle of the room on something comfortable and make her sit up, with both headphones and blindfold on you can take your time. Walk away from her, leave her there for a few minutes, come back and touch her gently all over her body, move her around.

Her mind will be running riot while you tease her like this.

3. Ice Ice Baby

What better way to make her senses tingle than with ice? The ice cube is an underrated piece of sexual equipment which can get the heart racing of any women. You can either trace the ice over her body or hold it in your mouth.

The difference between your warm breathe, and the cold ice is bound to send shivers down her spine.

4. Tie The Knot

Since the release of the fifty shades of grey trilogy, women the world over are going crazy for bondage. Introducing bondage into your sex life doesn’t mean taking your other half into your carefully prepared sex dungeon. Introduce her to it casually by using a trusty work tie.

Wrap her hands together and tie them above her head while your hands explore the rest of her body. If you’re feeling creative you don’t have to stop at ties, any material you have within reach can be used to tie up your other half.

You can also try tieing your partner to objects like chairs, bedframes or even to her own ankles… if she’s flexible.

5. Utilize the Kitchen Utensils

Why invest in spanking paddles and expensive whips when a good old fashioned plastic utensil can do the trick? If you want to take spanking to the next level passed using just your hand, try using a variety of different kitchen utensils to spice it up.

Try different materials from metal to plastic or wood to give your other half different textures and sensations.

6. Ditch Expensive Lube

Go for the all natural approach and swap out expensive lubes for natural household items like Coconut oil. Make sure to check your partner isn’t allergic in advance but natural oils like coconut oil not only feel great but taste great too.

You can go from a sensual massage to pleasure in no-time without getting that oily lube taste in your mouth.

7. An Electric Toothbrush, the Vibrator You Never Knew You Owned

There’s something a little intimidating about walking into a sex store and buying a vibrator for the average joe. The last thing you’d want is your Amazon suggested items list to be filled with pink colored rabbits and BDSM toys for the rest of your life either.

Instead of taking the plunge, first experiment with the vibrator you never knew you owned. An electric toothbrush can give a pulsing vibration that can be your partner excited in seconds.

Most toothbrushes have a 2-minute inbuilt timer, use this to tease your partner, tell them they can only finish when the timer ends.

8. An Armless Chair

Sex swings sound sexy but aren’t exactly a practical piece of furniture for your living room or bedroom. Improvise by bringing an armless chair into the bedroom.

You can sit down in it yourself or get your partner to sit in the chair. Experiment with silk ties and tie your partner to the chair for added effect.

Make sure to get one that’s well built though; there’s nothing more distracting during sex than a broken chair and a sore butt.

Take Your Sex To The Next Level

Getting creative in the bedroom doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars on expensive equipment. Bring your everyday items into the bedroom and you’re guaranteed that your partner won’t look at the ice cube tray the same way again.


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