What Does Your Style Tell Women About you???

Are Your Choices in Style Attracting Women or Chasing Them Away?

I hate to say it, but I?ve been seeing a trend that is LITERALLY striking guys out on sight?

Before you even approach her, she has already decided that she?s going to shit on you?

I went to a club a few weeks ago and noticed that every guy there looked EXACTLY THE SAME

?The shit was crazy?It was like attack of the clones?

?Like every single guy in there had read the same basic ass ?style to get women? article?

?In the same basic ass magazine?

?And all showed up at the same club on the same night?

There is no way we can get noticed in an ocean of FUCKBOYS when we?re disguised as a FUCKBOY.

Fear not because once again




There is so much content consumed by women that warns them about fuckboy.

The last thing we want in this world is to follow the crowd off a cliff of premeditated rejection.

Women have been warned and know what to look for?

Even if you?re a good guy and you?ve got game, you?re going to have an uphill battle from the jump?

Something as simple as this could be the difference between her swiping left or right?


What is a Fuckboy??

A fuckboy in this context is every guy who used something whether it be his looks, charisma, money, or anything else to take advantage of a woman and she ended up regretting ever meeting him.

These are the guys who did some messed up shit to a girl and as a result, she is giving good guys like you and I the shit test and no time of day.

If we go out looking like every douche with the same shaved-side-slick-back, Roger Klotz from ?Doug? lookin ass haircut?

then we can easily be mistaken for a fuckboy.

Women are going to make a lot of judgements on who we are based on how we look before we ever get the chance to say a word to her?

?The problem is that so many guys are just going with the DEFAULT MODE INSTEAD OF CREATING THEIR OWN STYLE that they end up looking like every other douchebag.

What I?m saying is that if we go out looking like every other guy then we are going to get treated like every other guy.

?If we look like a fuckboy then her experience will tell her to run away before we can even get close?


So Here?s The Problem

The easy answer to being stylish is to look in some men?s fashion magazine?

?Find out what is trending?

?and join the army of douche clones?

That is a really solid way to get lost in the crowd.

There are some really good tips on fashion but the key is to look unique.

We want to be memorable and stand out in a crowd, not just blend in out of fear of looking like shit.


  • Overdressing on occasion

So, we don?t want to go to the club looking like James Bond.? That is gonna look like we are trying too hard.? What I like to do is dress business casual while I?m out running errands.? This is great for day game.

Nice jeans, a dress shirt, a sweater, maybe even a tie, and some dress shoes.

This is going to make me stand out amongst the regular people going about their day and elevate me a level above them?

This way when we ask our barista at the coffee shop for her phone number and what she?s doing on Thursday, she is eager to find out more about us.


  • Wearing Contrasting Clothes

What I mean by this is wearing shit that contrast my appearance?

For example, I am a 6?4 black guy so I will wear bright colors like pink and pastels because it creates depth to my character?

People might expect to see someone like me dressed in a basketball jersey and jordans I do the opposite.

That way when women see me, they can?t quite put me in a box because they aren?t sure what to make of me.


Keeping a woman guessing and trying to figure us out is going to keep her perusing us.


Do an Appearance Audit

Take a good look at yourself?

Your skin color, your physique, your hair style, facial hair, wardrobe?


Figure out what your appearance is telling people about you when they look at you.

Does your stature and physique say, ?this guy might rob me in an alley??

Maybe your facial hair says ?hipster?.

Maybe your clothes say, ?affluent douchebag?.

Whatever our most resounding characteristics are saying about us, we want to cater our style to create layers and depth to that.

The fact of the matter is that people will always judge us based on our appearance before we ever get a chance to explain ourselves?

So don?t want to take the default route and just leave it up to a roll of the dice since we look like everyone else.

Don?t be afraid to stand out and have a style that is unique to you?

Create your own brand and wear it with confidence.


Pro Tips

  • Overdressing at a club or a nice restaurant isn?t always a good idea. We don?t want to look like the guy who wore a three-piece suit on our first date hoping to impress the girl.? Casual and clean is best for these situations because then we look like we are used to this setting and not impressed by the fanciness of it all.


  • Don?t be afraid to wear what you like. If you think distressed jeans are the dumbest shit on the planet, then don?t fil your closet with them in hopes of fitting in.? Being bold and wearing unique styles sets you apart and exudes confidence.? If a girl tries to call you me on my style, I?m going to tell her I dress like this because I?m not like everyone else so I?d hate to look like everyone else. ?Wear what you like, because you like it.? Don?t wear what other people tell you is cool because you want to be cool.

Keep cookin fellas,


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