Master This One Skill to Pull Women Anywhere


How to Take Your Game to the Next Level

Cold approaching women can be terrifying for some of us?

The idea is that we are going to walk up to a complete stranger?

?Say something so smooth to break the ice?

?And then continue a conversation that will hopefully lead to something more?

Her phone number, a fun night with a new friend, a blowjob?

?The shit can feel nerve wracking?

The good and bad news is that feeling in our stomachs before we cold approach a girl never goes away.

So, don?t feel bad if you still feel the terror set in before you talk to a hot girl?

?You?re good bro, it happens to the best of us?

The best feeling in the world is when we cold approach a girl?


We have an incredible night, day whatever?

?And end up with her number or a super dope blowjob?

?It?s a better feeling than when you itch that last corner of your ear with a Q-tip?

?You know that last corner right before it hits your brain stem?


I figured out the number one skill that once mastered, took my cold approach game to the Olympic level.

?Stand by to get some?




The hardest place to approach women

I had a huge epiphany the other day?

I?m at the boxing gym, punching stuff and being a bad ass?

?And this dude walks up to me and starts talking to me about compound push ups or some shit?

?I?m just trying to workout but I don?t wanna be a dick so I endulge in the conversation for a bit and then finish my workout?


I?m hitting the speed bag super fast like a bad ass and some other guy walks up to me and starts a conversation about hitting the speed bag really fast like a bad ass?

?I was just about to tell him to go fuck off because I?m obviously here to workout and not talk?

?And then it hit me like a left hook from Mike Tyson?


Of all the places I?ve approached women, the gym is thee hardest place to be successful?

?I?ve had a few successes but for the most part, it is a battlefield in the gym?

?They usually have their, ?fuck off? head phones on?

?They?re super focused on their workout?

?And they don?t want to be bothered?


They are also wearing those skin tight leggings?

?Are glistening with female pheromones?

?And looking like a delicious candy treat?

So guys approach them all the time and THEY HATE IT.


This is how I cracked the gym code

I figured a way that to approach girls at the gym and get their number immediately?

This is for the girls who are ACTUALLY WORKING OUT.

Not to be confused with the girls who show up with their hair and makeup done?

?Just sit there and stretch for 40 minutes trying to look sexy, spend 10 minutes on the elliptical, and then take a selfie?

We can just walk right up to those ones cuz they clearly are just there to meet a guy and take a selfie?

?Oblige her?

So here?s what happened?

I walked up to this hot girl who had her ?fuck off? head phones in and was crushing it on the squat rack?

I pulled out my phone and stood in front of her so she took her headphones down?


?Hey dude you?re crushing it and I don?t wanna fuck up your flow. I wanna get to know you so give me your number so and I?ll text you later.?



?I have a boyfriend??

And she put her headphones back on, so I went home and beat my meat?


So she really did say she had a boyfriend and I told her that?s cool and if she wasn?t interested in keeping her options open I understood and we laughed and I went back to working out?

Fellas you gotta understand that not every girl in the world is single and if she gives you this line just move on and don?t make a big deal of it.


Every time I used this line on a girl at the gym who did not have a boyfriend?

?She dropped them digits immediately?

?I texted her on the spot so she had my number?

?And to make sure she didn?t give me a fake one?

And then I hit her up at a later time to meet up and grab coffee or some shit.

Don?t get caught up in saying the exact line I said unless you would say it just like that?

Make it your own so that it sounds natural when you say it?

?If you?ve never called a girl ?dude? before in your life?DON?T START NOW.

That shit will sound as awkward as a white dude dropping an N-Bomb at the BET Awards.

The magic of the line is that we are confident and direct.

We tell her we want to get to know her.

We also respect that she?s in the gym to crush gains and we acknowledge that.

But we still want her number and we?re not gonna be a bitch about it.


Try this line on next time you?re at the gym and find a flavor that works best for you.

?If you don?t go to the gym?That might be your problem right there?


Pro tips!

  • If we?re not working out, then we need to stop reading dating advice and start working out. It?s not just about having a nice body. There are thousands of bro-science studies that prove how much working out increases our testosterone, bad-assery, and testicular mass. These are all important things to have when attracting women. We?ll feel better about yourself and women will feel better about fucking us. Somebody needed to hear this.


  • I know this sounds crazy but the treadmill can be the perfect place to use this line. I know it might seem like the worst place because she is all out of breath and running and we won?t be able to have a conversation with her?And THAT?S THE POINT. With this line, we don?t want to waste time having a conversation. We just want them digits and then we?re out. Move with confidence big fella.

Keep cookin fellas,

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