Why You Can’t ‘Make a Move’ on Your Female Friend

Your Big Secret “Friend Zone” Fear

For years, I hid a dark secret I was too ashamed to admit.

I was one of the most popular dating coaches in the world, but I still felt like a failure.

Because the truth is, whenever I started to develop feelings for a female friend, I would always end up in the friend zone.

It didn?t matter that I could go to any social gathering and collect several phone numbers or even regularly bring girls back to my place.

Because whenever my feelings for a female friend would surface?.

I instantly became paralyzed by fear

I felt boxed in?

Unable to make a move.

I?d spend days stuck in my head, going back and forth trying to figure out of she liked me, or if I was just imagining things.

However, as I started to open up to other ?successful? guys about this problem, they all told me they had the same struggles

And that?s when it hit me?

Being ?handsome? or ?great with women? does NOT protect you from falling into the friend zone

Heck, even rock stars and celebrities (that can have almost any woman they want) still sometimes end up as? ?just the friend?

Yep. This is a problem EVERY GUY is dealing with

But why is that?

Well, the first thing I discovered was that?.

Being ?her friend? doesn?t mean you are somehow BAD with women?.

In fact, it actually means you are GOOD with women

I mean this girl enjoys being with you, thinks your funny, and feels comfortable around you?

All great things

So it?s simple right? just make you move already

Well, not so fast.

See, when you hang around a girl that has ZERO interest in you, you don?t feel any fear. She doesn?t like you, so you don?t care.

And when a girl hangs all over you (as if you were some famous rock star) you don?t feel any fear either. It?s easy to make your move.

But whenever you have that ?strong connection? with a female friend,?

You?ll notice that some days she seems into you? but she?s definitely NEVER all over you.

(this is actually a really good sign, as I?ll reveal in a moment)

In fact, her interest in you seems to come and go.

One day she?s flirting with you, and the next day she seems neutral.

Yep, you are now dealing with the worst form of kryptonite to men?.

** Mixed Signals ***

See as a man, your biggest fear in life is NOT ?being rejected?

Getting tuned down by some random girl at a bar may sting, but it doesn?t shatter your confidence or destroy your ego


Our BIGGEST fear as guys, (the one that keeps us at night) is misreading a woman?s signals.

As if once we reveal our feelings she is going to laugh in our face and say?

?you thought I liked you? where?d you get that crazy idea?LOL?

So, like I did, you keep your feelings for her a secret?

Deluding yourself that one day you will finally make that ONE BIG move like confessing your feelings or lunging for a kiss

But, we both know you?ll probably never try and kiss her? and even if you did?you?re unlikely to get the response you were hoping for?

?Chris, you?re a really great guy? but I don?t want to ruin our friendship? (sigh)

So is all of this just hopeless?

Are we destined to spend our lives in the friend zone pining for the unrequited love of our female friends?

Not a chance.

Because we discovered there is a way to reveal your interest in a female friend that actually makes her WANT YOU back

A simple way to decode all of her ?mixed signals? so you will know exactly when? and when not to make you move (this is crucial)

And if revealing your interest in a female friend is the only way to get her?.

but confessing your feelings or waiting for the perfect moment to kiss her rarely works?

What can you do?

Well, the good news is, my friend Bobby Rio and I are hosting a free master class called ?How To Become The Friend She Falls in Love With?

In this class you will discover exactly how to reveal your interest in a female friend with ZERO chance of being rejected

(Hint: this doesn?t involve having to kiss her or confessing your feelings over text)

In fact, the technique we want to share is 100% invisible, so your female friend won?t even know you are using it

You see, whether we want to or not we are always communicating something when we interact with our female friends

And it?s not the words women are paying attention to?


Let us show you why mastering the seductive vibe is the key to getting that female friend you want into bed and making her your girlfriend (without having to worry about mixed signals ever again)

Word-For-Word Lines For
Getting Girls

In this FREE Manuscript:

Exactly What To Say To Make Her Want You

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About Sixty Years of Challenge Sixty (Chris Andersen) has been actively coaching in the seduction community for over a decade. He is the all-time #1 poster at FastSeduction, the elite forum that was mentioned in Neil Strauss’s New York Times Bestselling Book The Game. Sixty teaches a completely natural style of meeting and attracting beautiful women and has coaching available at: https://www.tsbmag.com/private-coaching-with-chris-sixty-anderson/

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