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Attract Women

How to Attract Women

Part 1 (Understanding Attraction)

Most of us are never taught how to attract women.  Since they don’t teach the skill of attracting women in school, manyMan Attracting Women guys go through their entire lives without the ability to attract girls, or have a relationship with a woman he desires.

Many guys mistakenly believe that the only way to attract women is with money, looks, power or fame.  But this is simply “lazy” thinking.  As I know many men who have none of these, yet still have know exactly how to attract beautiful ladies.

I can tell you right now that far more important skills are learning how to flirt, or developing a better sense of humor, and learning how to tease a woman.

Now in order to understand how to a woman, you first must understand what girls find attractive.

To answer this, let’s start in two steps.

What traits do women find attractive?

And then…

What traits turn ladies off?

This approach will help you gain some understanding of the woman’s mind.  And how you have to act in order to attract a woman.

What traits turn women off?

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A. Women are extremely turned off by “weak” men.  Women are biologically programmed to be attracted to strong, dominant, and “alpha” men.  For this reason, displaying traits such as shyness, insecurity, neediness, or nervousness quickly make a woman lose attraction towards you.   Women have an intuitive sense of when a man feels “inferior” to her.  Women don’t want a man who feels he is below her.

B. Women are not attracted to men who display a lack of “social intelligence.”  Social intelligence is basically an understanding of the how to act appropriately in social situations.  If a guy lacks this understanding, a woman will not be able to image herself out with him in public.  She will feel embarrassed to be with him.  And this will decrease any attraction she may have initially felt for him.

C. One of the easiest ways to turn a woman off is to display weak body language.  As stated earlier, women are not attracted to neediness, insecurity, or nervousness.  So when you display body language or posture that demonstrates these type of traits you will turn a woman off.

D. While looks are not as important as most guys think. If you want to attract women, you can’t be completely apathetic towards your appearance.  You need to show a woman that you take pride in the way you look.  They don’t like men who appear to be lazy, sickly, or weak.

E. One of the easiest ways to turn a woman off is to show too much interest in her.  This is a mistake that many guys make trying to attract women.  This is counter-intuitive, and so guys never figure this out.  But by showing too much interest, you eliminate the fun and chase of a romance… and the woman quickly becomes bores and loses interest.

By just understanding the traits and behaviors that turn women off, you are ahead of 90% of the men out there who will never be able to attract a woman.

Now let’s talk about: (15 ways to attract a woman)

What Traits Turn Women ON

A. One of the most overlooked ways to attract a beautiful woman is to just be “fun.”  Since most guys get nervous or insecure around women, the rare guy who can allow a woman to relax and have fun around him is three steps ahead of the game.  The quickest way to have fun with women is flirt with them, tease them, and be playful.  Women are extremely attracted to guys who know how to talk to women in this fun, flirty, and playful way.  These guys also have ability to make small talk sexy.

B. Girls are social creatures.  And they want to be with a woman who knows how to act in social situation.  Not only that, but they would prefer a man who takes on the role of leader when grouped with other men.  Because of biological programming, an easy way to attract women is to seen as a leader by your peers.  The more men a woman sees looking up to you… the more likely she will become attracted to you.

C. Girls are attracted to the “chase.”  This is why it is important to always play push/pull with a woman.  Push/pull means that you never let a woman 100% know that she has you.  Instead, you show some interest, but then pull it away.  Keep repeating this process.  A beautiful woman is used to a man surrendering to her immediately.  So the man that keeps her interests in the man who can attract beautiful women.

The ability to talk to women is crucial in attracted them.  In my article on how to talk to women, I give some specific examples of things to say to attract women.  Most guys don’t know how to talk to women.  So the guy who does, becomes even more attractive to women.

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Updated 12/1/11

More Ways to Get Her

If you want to know how to attract women you must also keep in mind that what gets her to like you is not always what keeps her around.  This confuses a lot of men.  Women love the chase.  And even after you have sparked her interest, you’ll still need to do things to get her chasing you.

Even though most women will say they hate “the game” you still need to play even after you learn how to attract women.

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Attract Women