Brad P Fashion Bible Review

Review of Brad P’s Fashion Bible

(FTC disclosure)

I’ll be honest.

I had absolutely no sense of fashion.  Zero.

So I was really looking forward to review Brad P’s Fashion Bible.  Because I heard from multiple people that Brad P’s book was exactly what I was looking for:  A men’s fashion guide geared specifically toward the single guy looking to meet women.

How to Use Fashion to Amplify Attraction

The fact is that it’s really hard to get good fashion advice for men.  All of the magazines geared toward’s men’s style and fashion feature clothes way outside of my price range.  And they very rarely reflect clothes that I could actually wear out to a bar or club.  As you’ll find in this Brad P Fashion Bible review… his book is completely focuses on getting you laid.

So let’s just say I was extremely happy to find that Brad P’s Fashion Bible was exactly what I was looking for.  It is an ebook geared specifically for men who looking to dress in a way that creates a personal identity for them… and attracts women.

I believe that your sense of fashion should convey certain things about you.  And the Fashion Bible explains exactly what women are pre-conditioned to find “sexy” in men.

Have you ever wondered why some men naturally have women flock to them?

As Brad P points out, these men have taken full advantage of “sexy stereotypes.”  This idea of “sexy stereotypes” is a dominant theme throughout The Fashion Bible.

And for good reason.

It’s a genius concept.

How to Become Her “Type” (Fashion Bible Review Part 1)

You see women make up their mind about you in about 10 seconds of observing you.  They are paying attention to your posture, your body language, how people are responding around you… and how you look.  All women have a “Type.”  And she knows instantly if you’re her “type.”

So what Brad has done is identified the most common “types” that women find attractive.  He then breaks down each “types” fashion, hairstyle, accessories, and general style.

This allows you to view all the different “sexy stereotypes” that women have… and choose the style that most naturally matches your own personal identity.

Brad also spends a good deal of time talking about personal identity and how to shape yours in a way that is attractive to women.

What turns women on?

Brad takes the time to break down exactly what women are turned on by.  And exactly what women are turned off by.

While all women have different taste in how they prefer men to look.  There are universal “traits” that women find attractive in a man.  And just as importantly, there are universal “traits” that quickly turn a woman off.

Some of them are obvious… but many others are not.  For instance, we all know that women don’t like nice guys… but did you know that nice guys have a certain way of dressing?

I did.  Because for years I dressed that way.

Some of the “turn on’s” that Brad goes into in the Fashion Bible:

  • How to display to a woman that you have access to specialized “fashion” information
  • Understanding the subtle communication of what you’re wearing
  • How to add “alpha” qualities to your personal identity.

Now if you’ve ever seen Brad P you know that he has a very particular “Rock Star” fashion style.  And my original fear of this book would be that Brad would simply tell you how to dress like him.  Sort of what Mystery did to the clones of guys out there wearing goggles and “peacocking.”

But Brad was smart enough to recognize that the “rock star” style is just one of many “sexy stereotypes” and might now work for some guys.

Examples of 17 Sexy Stereotypes (Brad P Fashion Bible Review Part 2)

Brad has identified 17 “sexy stereotypes” that you can mimic to quickly use them to your advantage and create attraction in a woman.

Not only does Brad detail out each of these stereotypes… but he gives tons of picture examples of guys dressed in the style he is explaining.

He also shows examples of “nice guys” clothing.  And how you can simply add a few accessories and style adjustments and turn “nice guy ” clothing into something that elicits a sexual response in a woman.

8 Steps to Sexy Stereotyping

Brad doesn’t simply give you a few pictures and send you out to the clothing stores to mimic a certain style.  In Brad P’s Fashion Bible he walks you through the 8 steps to changing your personal identity to that of a more sexualized dresser.

He also tells you about the “pitfalls” and mistakes a lot of guys make when they try to change their personal style.  Having Brad there to walk me through my style makeover definitely made it easier for me.

Pictures tell a thousand words

The absolute best reason to read the Fashion Bible is the pictures.  Unlike magazines like GQ which parade around male models wearing thousand dollar suits… Brad has pictures of real guys wearing outfits you can afford.

What he mostly did was searched through various spots on the internet like Myspace, celebrity sites, Facebook… and just found pictures of guys who “get it.”  And then breaks down what makes their look work.

He also has dozens of pictures of styles that don’t work.  I’m not happy to say… that my old style was one of those listed to avoid.  I was giving off “nice guy vibe” and it was killing attraction for me.

Two Thumbs Way Up (Brad P Fashion Bible Review Part 3)

I am happy to report that after going through countless fashion magazines, books, and even several videos, I have finally found a resource that represents what women actually want in terms of men’s style.

Unlike magazines which are dictated by advertising and high priced labels… Brad’s book cuts right to the point:  How can you dress in a way that women find “sexy.”

And The Fashion Bible lays out a step by step game plan for getting there.

This book is highly recommended to anyone struggling to create a personal identity that attracts women.  I am glad I had a chance to review Brad P’s Fashion Bible, as it really changed the way I see personal style.

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