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Next Steps

1.  Please choose a date and time for your first session.


2.  The more detailed you are when filling out the above form, the more information I will have prior to the session and the more productive we can be on the session.

3.  Record this information   (this will be the phone number and access code for your coaching session)

Coaching call-in number: (605) 468-8004
Access code:  1003643#

4.  Read This

How to Get the Most out of Your Coaching Session

1.  Get Ready. Write down all your concerns and problems as you see them.

It is best BEFORE your call to take an hour to make a list of all the different problems, questions, and situations that you would like to discuss on the call.  Also, write down any feelings or fears you have that you would like to address.  Or any mental beliefs that you feel might be holding you back.

2.  Set an intention for the call.

What is the #1 question you want answered?  What is the #1 realistic goal you want to achieve through your session?  What would make you feel like the session was a success?   Write it down.

3.  Have a pad or journal specifically for your Coaching session/s

Although we will be recording the call (optional) it is still best to immediately jot down any big “aha’s” you have during the session.  Also, Chris will be prying information out of you and asking you a lot of questions.  It is best to write down your answers to his questions as these will be the building blocks for your progress.

4.  Be honest and open on the call

This is a judgement free call.  Don’t feel like you need to hold back or appear more experienced or confident than you really are.  If you are a virgin, admit that you are a virgin.  If you suffer from sexual anxiety, admit it.  The more honest and open you are on the call, the more likely we can get to root of what is holding you back.

5. Review the MP3 after the call

During the call your brain will be working 100mph and sometimes certain things that are said will not process immediately. It is best to wait about 3 days and then listen to the recording of the call.  Once again take notes in your pad or journal of any insights, questions, or concerns you have.

5.  Email Chris with follow up questions and action list

After a couple of days of reviewing your notes and listening to the MP3 of the call again, it is best to email Chris with specific questions or clarifications you need from your call.

Chris also requests you put together an “action list” of what you believe are the three most important “next steps” you must take.

6.  Take action on at least one idea you discovered in the call

Applied knowledge is the key to success.  On the call you will get a lot of knowledge. If you want that knowledge to turn into success than you must immediately put that knowledge into action.

Whatever the 3 items on your “action list” are, choose one of them and apply it immediately.

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