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Do You Have the Courage?

Do You Have The Courage To Approach A Beautiful Woman?

This is a completely free offer. But it is meant for the tremendously ambitious man only.

DSCN0652It is meant for the kind of man who has, first of all, the relentless desire to interact with more women in a single year than most of his friends will in their entire lives.

It is meant for the kind of man, secondly, who has enough raw sheer faith in himself to believe, today, that tomorrow, he may actually be able to approach and attract the highest caliber women- once he has been shown the techniques for attracting these types of women.

And, finally, it is meant only for the man who willing to make the sacrifices that this kind of lifestyle demands. Who is willing to take the gambles… endure the tensions… fight the inevitable battle-where his brain is pitted against his own internal anxiety, for prizes unimaginable to the ordinary man.

Do you have the courage to reach out for this kind of life? To accept its incredible rewards and incredible hazards? If you do, read on. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky and click off the page- there is nothing left here that will make an iota of sense to you.

To Live The Lifestyle, You Throw Out All The Rules That Small, Safe Men Live By Every Day

*What we are offering you on this page is a free membership to a newsletter about living the life you always dreamed about. Let me explain why it is quite possibly the most life changing membership you will ever subscribe to. First, because it distills a lifetime of wisdom from the world’s most distinguished and respected dating and lifestyle design coaches. And second, because it reveals (to our knowledge over the course of several newsletters) the almost completely unknown techniques, mindset, and actual scripts of the “The Pick Up Artists” – the men who take home countless 9’s & 10’s every year.

Let us emphasize right now you do NOT need “movie star looks, extroverted personality, or big money” to use these techniques. Change can take place no matter where you are starting from.

Here is a description of all five of them. See if you want to live out the kind of adventure they open up to you:

1. Opportunity Radar

These charismatic seducers create opportunity. They see pick-up opportunities in situations that ordinary men are blind to the offerings. This allows them to sneak in under the radar… casually build an almost instant rapport… and have the girl quietly wondering “does he like me?”

This newsletter will provide you with simple techniques that will spotlight these hidden opportunities. Once you learn them you will never walk through your local Whole Foods without an electric sense of opportunity.

2. Unleash the Alpha Male Within

Attitude- not lines– is the key to being really successful with women. These alpha males never let an opportunity slip by simply because they don’t have enough guts to scoop it up.

This newsletter will provide you with the steps it takes to transform yourself into a dominant, confidant, MAN, who is not afraid to go after what he wants until he gets it. How to talk to girls from a frame of power rather than intimidation. How to engage someone in a way that lets them know that you are a high value male. The body language, posture, and voice tonality that signify to the world that you are unstoppable.

These techniques give you control of your “inner game”- the ability to consistently surprise yourself with what you are capable of. They open up a whole new world in which you possess complete power and choice, where you can easily dismiss the kind of dis-empowering thoughts and habits that do not produce results.

3. Social Greatness

You will discover the key to a fruitful and rewarding lifestyle is the company you keep. Over the course of the newsletter you will learn how to captivate a social circle. Push/pull, the halo effect, storytelling, and routines are just some of the methods you will learn to capture the attention of your audience.

Several lifetimes of experience are packed into each newsletter. If you are wondering about special situations, work place seductions, turning a female friend into a lover, or how to use Facebook to build a network of women, you will find this information within the first month of your free subscription.

4. The Power of an Opener

When most men imagine approaching a woman they envision either using a lame pickup line, offering to buy her a drink, or making banal boring small talk. In your very first newsletter I am going to send you an 85 page free ebook containing the world’s best opening lines.

An opener is an ice breaker designed to sneak in under the radar. The best openers not only initiate a conversation between you and the female, but a good opener also sets up conversation threads that make it easy to transition into the attraction building phase of the interaction.

It all starts with the opener. And I’m going to immediately send you 85 tested, proven-to-work openers invented by the top dating coaches in the world. Guys like Neil Strauss, Cajun, Mystery, Sinn, Savoy, Juggler, Gambler, Tenmagnet, Afc Adam Lyons, David DeAngelo, and a host of other professional pick up artists.

5. A Foundation of “Inner Game”

The best athletes know that the key to good performances is winning the internal game you play with yourself every day. It is no different when your playing the game with women. No matter how much of an alpha, confident exterior you project, you must be completely congruent internally or the woman will see right through you.

Our members will receive a complete Inner Game Building Workbook. This workbook will walk you through the steps of eliminating negative beliefs, creating new positive beliefs, discovering your passions, setting goals and creating an action plan to achieve them, controlling your emotions, breaking bad habits, and overall instilling a natural rock solid confidence in your self.

Why are we offering this membership for free?

You’re probably thinking… nothing is free. Well your wrong. This membership is 100% free… no strings attached… for the life of your membership.

The greatest shows on television are free. They make their money from advertisers spending big bucks for commercials. We make our money from advertisers spending big bucks for space on our website TSB Magazine. All that we ask in return in that you spread the word about our magazine, allowing us to continue to earn a nice income from our advertisers, while providing our readers with high quality free content.

Our attempt at word of mouth marketing is your gain!

Don’t Risk Disappointment- Subscribe Today

All 5 game improving steps-including dozens of almost-completely-unknown techniques that we do not have room to describe here- are yours with your TSB Newsletter membership. It is now available to you completely free-with absolutely nothing to lose. If you don’t find our tips helpful, simply hit unsubscribe and we’ll cancel your membership.

The choice is up to you: You can continue doing what you’ve always done-and continue to get the same results. Or you can make simple adjustments in the way you interact with women that will open your eyes to an entirely new world- of unlimited possibility.

It costs you nothing to prove this to yourself.

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