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Eben Pagan Guru Blueprint Review

Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint Review

For as long as I’ve been studying internet marketing, Eben Pagan is the guy that I’ve learned the most from.  This is a big reason I’ve been so anxious for the release of the Guru Blueprint.

If you are familiar with previous (and much more expensive) Eben Pagan programs like Get Altitude and the Guru Mastermind, then you know that Eben Pagan always delivers on his content.  And I expected Guru Blueprint to be know different.

Even in the two presell video:

These two videos contain more nuggets of gold than most entire products.  But what’s even better is that the Guru Blueprint goes beyond just being another “how to” product.

Instead, in Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint, you get his exact blueprints for creating information products, marketing, and sales funnels.

Considering that Eben has done over 20 million dollars a year for the past few years, this is like being handed the keys to the castle.

What I’ve always enjoyed most about his products is his ability to teach you how to read your customers minds.  The exercises that he gives will literally transport you inside the mind of your customer, allowing you to be a spy on his deepest darkest wants and desires.

The Guru Blueprint teaches you exactly how to take those “wants and desires” and turn them into sales material and products that you can use.

Some of the things you get:

  • Blueprints for product creation
  • Templates for sales letters, emails, products,
  • Step by step instructions for creating offers
  • Step by step instructions for creating sales products
  • Tested, proven marketing strategies

I’ve personally TRIPLED by business my first year going through the Guru Mastermind program.  Yes, tripled.  Not only does Eben give you the tools you need to be a guru, but he also has a way of teaches that motivates you continually be productive.  I expect the Guru Blueprint to take my business even further.

Some of the things Eben Pagan is known for:

  • The concept of “moving the free line”
  • Creating the 20 million dollar a year Double Your Dating business
  • The Wake Up Productive program
  • The Guru Mastermind
  • Connected
  • How to Use Your Brain
  • The $10,000 altitude seminar
  • Ignition

>>>See for yourself what the Guru Blueprint is all about

Eben Pagan is living proof that his material works.  He is not a guy trying to sell you stuff, while living in a shack.  The guy actually earns MILLIONS of dollars doing exactly what he teaches.

I’ve personally found that having a mentor has taken my business way past where I though was possible.  It has even earned me an income far greater than I ever earned in “the real world.”

And I thank Eben Pagan for  a lot of this.  I first started learning from him when I bought a copy of his Altitude Seminar.  While seminar was good- it was a bit advanced for where I was in my business.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to go through the entire Guru Mastermind,which was perfect for my skill level.  While this is a GURU Blueprint review… I have to say that if you have the money, take part in the Guru Mastermind too.

Each year, as part of the Guru Mastermind you get to attend:

  • The Customer Summit
  • The Conversation Summit
  • The Content Summit
  • The Management Summit

All four of these summits, along with the Guru Blueprint, will transform your business.  You’re learning from one of the absolute best marketers on the planet.

I would highly recommend picking up a copy of the GURU Blueprint.

You can learn more about the GURU BLUEPRINT here.

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