Elixir of Eros Review


By: Bobby Rio

My Review of Elixir of Eros

This is a review of Mike’s program called The Elixor Eros.

This is his new seduction program that teaches men how to get women to chase them for sex. ?It is based on the teachings of a psychologist who was disbarred for having sex with one of his patients using the material in this course.

Mike Wright claims that he knows something about you even though he has never met you…

The author of Elixir of Eros is absolutely sure that you want ?an easier, less stressful way to make women want you.?

Yes, this is a pretty safe assumption on Mike?s part. Every guy reading this right now would probably use words like ?stressful? to describe what it?s like to approach an especially attractive woman. This is certainly true for guys who have recently had their confidence crushed after being shot down.

Does Mike offer any methods for solving this very common problem? Yes, he does?

Never be nervous again, no matter how hot she is

Elixir of Eros provides a game plan for triggering attraction and desire in women using ?totally natural? methods. Mike claims that because the techniques he teaches are based on women?s natural tendencies and desires, results will come quickly.

But the part of this program that I was the most excited about when I first sat down with it was the idea that I could approach women without feeling stressed out or worried at all. I think this is something that every guy will be able to benefit from. Even if you do OK with women, there are still going to be times when you see a very attractive girl and you think: ?Man, I really, really want her, but she seems so out of my league.? See? You are already worried and you haven?t even said anything to her yet?.

What if you could approach her without feeling the least bit nervous? What if you could actually enjoy the process of flirting and seduction instead of being nervous?

Is this hype, or is it useful, or is Elixir of Eros a scam?

Does Mike deliver when it comes to learning this kind of stress-free seduction?

To put it another way: could you use what you learn from Elixir to get a girl who looks like a Victoria?s Secret model OR to finally sleep with that sexy/cool girl at school or work who only thinks of you as a friend? if she notices you at all?

And, the more important question: can you really feel totally confident when you are attempting such feats?

Mike doesn?t guarantee that you are going to end up in bed with a lingerie model tomorrow night. But he does guarantee something that?s far more realistic (and way more useful in the long run). ?If you apply what you learn in this course, it is going to change every conversation that you ever have with a woman from now until the day that you die.?

That is the kind of ?big picture? improvement that will really make a difference

Most guys won?t be helped in the long run if they only learn a few tricks or ?social hacks? that they can use to get a girl interested in them in a very specific setting. What most guys really need, in my opinion, is a major change in approach and mindset so that they not only get more success with women, but they enjoy the process and feel confident in ?every conversation.?

=>Watch the Official Elixir of Eros Video

So how does Elixir of Eros work?

?Natural? and ?organic? are usually adjectives that are associated with food, but Elixir uses these words in the context of desire and sexuality. The program is based on the scientific fact that natural sexual tension and natural desire exists for all women, no matter who they are (and no matter how hot they are). Likewise, the qualities that a man needs to show a woman if he wants to draw this desire out of her are also natural.

This means that every guy has the tools that he needs to spark her desire and every woman has desire waiting to be sparked.

So the ?elixir? in this program is the knowledge that Mike shares with you about how to take advantage of this natural sexual tension to make any women desire you.

Will Elixir of Eros Get You ANY woman? Really?

Well, if it is true that every woman feels the same kind of sexual tension, then every woman would respond if you knew how to bring it out. Yes, it?s also true that hot women are very skilled at seeing through seduction techniques because they have ?seen it all before.? But I think the ideas in Elixir are so different that you will be able to slip in under her radar. In other words, she won?t suspect a thing.

You already have what you need, you just don?t know it yet

This sounds great, but being natural is not always something we associate with being successful and confident with women. It is like something that your mom told you when you were younger: ?just be yourself and girls will like you??

How did that work out for you? Not too well, probably.

Elixir does not rely on this kind of cliche. Mike does, however, provide step-by-step hacks to help you be your ?best self? by showing a spotlight on the aspects of yourself that are going to turn her on. He says that every guy naturally has the kind of qualities that will spark sexual attraction in women, but very few guys know how to bring these qualities out to the forefront so that women see them. Learning how to do this is one of the most important parts of the whole Elixir program.

Kill nervousness forever

Yes, having the knowledge about sexual tension and the qualities that women really want will bring you some extra confidence, but Mike also points out that a lot of guys defeat themselves long before they get rejected by the girl. They have a mindset of ?don?t screw this up? from the beginning. As a result, they are always looking for signs that they are saying or doing the wrong thing. In other words, they are starting from a negative place instead of a positive one.

Girls are very good at sensing this, and, what is worse, they often interpret it as a lack of confidence (a major turn-off).

Elixir details hacks that guys can use to keep a confident mindset throughout the whole conversation. In my experience, having the right mindset is more important than what you actually say to her, so I definitely agree with Mike about this whole idea being a vital part of changing your luck with women.

Don?t be fooled by hype; you need a complete game plan

I found the ideas in the first part of Elixir of Eros very compelling. They made a lot of sense and they seemed very fresh and unique.

But what about when it comes to actually applying all this knowledge in real situations? The whole point of going through programs like this is so that you can use them in the real world.

Here is the hard truth: if pickup artist programs were effective in the real world, no one would buy new programs because they would already have learned how to be successful with women.

Like Elixir of Eros, some of these programs are based on good, scientifically supported ideas about sexuality or desire or flirting. If the programs really worked in real world situations, however, then why would guys keep buying other programs?

Why Elixor of Eros is different from the rest reviewed

Mike understands that this is a problem. To bring his ?you will always be confident? idea full circle, he breaks down the Elixir of Eros method for seducing women into five different phases. He teaches guys to take small actions that build towards the point when the sexual tension becomes overwhelming and desire takes over her decision-making process. More importantly, he shows you how to use your mindset hacks to stay on track and stay confident no matter what.

This is important, I think, because most programs teach you a technique, but then the author just tells you to ?go out and try it.? You are still going to be nervous. You are still going to have to figure out how to get to the point where you can use your newly learned technique. And most of the time you never get to that point, right? If you do, something unexpected always comes up to throw you off your game. ?

Why I think Elixir of Eros will work for you

By taking smaller actions and progressing through different phases of building sexual tension, Elixir offers a gradual, but complete, game plan from going to first noticing her to the point when she decides that she has to have you. Mike points out that because this method is based on naturally-occurring sexual energy and because it is SO different from the way that guys usually approach her, she might not even suspect that you are trying to seduce her until she starts feeling these uncontrollable desires for you.

Elixir covers the whole process from before you have even said anything to her (if you include all the mindset stuff Mike discusses, you could even say that the ?process? starts before you have even seen her for the first time) until she starts begging you to take her back to your place.

It?s very rare to find a program that teaches such a complete game plan and unique skill set in one single package.

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