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Female Mind Mastery

The Truth About Female Mind Mastery

kirsten_price_9F3t7Adult actress and model Kristen Price has created a seduction training program called Female Mind Mastery. We will give a brief overview and review of the course.

This newly published course is focused on teaching guys how to build attraction and desire in the women that they meet.  Price’s strategies for seduction are based on the premise that females are often more turned on by their perception of a guy than by his actual physical appearance or what lines he uses.

Female Mind Mastery starts by offering a female’s perspective on what turns women on, before giving advice to guys on how they can create a sexual spark in a girl’s mind.

According the Price, Female Mind Mastery is not a course that focuses on pick-up lines and other conventional seduction strategies.  Instead, the program is about understanding how sexual attraction works in the female mind and what guys can do to trigger this attraction: “[Female Mind Mastery] allows you to go beyond conversation, and connect with her on a deep, emotional level, making her feel that “spark” that tells her you are her best possible choice.”

Price goes on to explain that she feels that most guys simply have the wrong approach to seduction to start with. They try to convince girls to sleep with them by using logic and traditional dating practices rather than appealing to their inherent sexual desires.   “If you forget your girl is a sexual creature.. and you don’t do something about it by making her horny… it doesn’t matter how much ‘courting’ you do.  No amount of dinners, gifts, or compliments are gonna get you in her pants.”

Our Review of Female Mind Mastery

Female Mind Mastery is divided into different sections, and each section focuses on a different aspect of seduction.  The first chapter focuses on basic “arousal secrets.”  In this section, Price shares different methods that guys can use to attempt to make a woman sexually attracted to them when they first meet.

In the next section, Price offers insights about how to take the initial sexual attraction that a girl feels and escalate her feelings to the point that she wants to act on her desires.  Other chapters in Mind Mastery deal with applying these same seduction techniques in a variety of different settings and situations.

Mind Mastery also has a video section in which Price and several adult actresses teach various sexual techniques and then demonstrate them on each other.  This part of the course also offers advice from a female point of view about things that women want guys to do before, during and after sex.

Female Mind Mastery was recently published and is now available for download online.



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