Good Pick Up Lines


By: Bobby Rio

Good Pick Up Lines That Capture a Woman’s Attention

If you?re searching for some good pick up lines you?ve come to the right spot.? In this article I?m not only going to provide you with some good pick up lines you can use tonight? but I?m also going to explain the best way to approach a woman and start a conversation.

See most guys blow it before they even get to deliver their opening line.? They blow it because they approach a girl with horrible body language, they appear nervous, and they give off a totally creepy vibe.

Good pick up lines will not save you if you don?t know how to approach her in a way that makes you come across as cool and attractive.

So let?s talk about a few things.

  • What makes a woman instantly think you?re cool.
  • What instantly captures a woman?s attention
  • What to say to a woman to keep her interested

Once you master these three things you?ll find yourself with more women than you can handle.

So let?s talk about what makes a woman instantly think you?re cool.

The first thing that you MUST keep in mind when you walk up to a woman is that you have to appear calm and confident.? Women are much much more attracted to confident, dominant, alpha men then they are weak, timid, or shy guys.

Even if you feel a little nervous or shy you should try to hide it.? There is a saying ?fake it till you make it?

Once you have some good pick up lines you will feel more confident approaching a woman.

How to appear more confident

A.)? Speak loud enough for her to hear you without you having to repeat yourself.? Speaking loud and clear shows a woman that you?re not afraid to start the conversation.

B.)? ??Don?t be afraid to look her in the eyes.

C.)? Don?t seem to apologetic about bothering her.

D.)? ?Hide any nervous ticks like juggling coins in your pocket, touching at your face, rubbing your chin, or anything else that signals nervousness or anxiety.

Those are a few things to keep in mind when you approach a woman.

How to quickly capture a woman?s attention

Here?s the biggest battle when delivering a good pick up line:? She isn?t really paying attention.

The biggest obstacle you have when you approach a woman is to get her full attention and to draw her into the conversation.

Most girls are programmed to blow a guy off.? Its easier for her to blow you off then to stand and talk to you for ten minutes.

But if you can make her WANT to talk to you then the odds are in your favor.

A.)? You can capture her attention by arousing an emotion such as surprise or curiosity (This devices will peak her interest)

B.)? You can capture her attention by being extremely bold and direct with your approach.? Since most guys don?t have the balls to approach a woman like this you will stand out from the crowd.

C.)? You can point out something unique about her.? Never compliment the obvious.? If a woman has nice eyes she is SICK of hearing every guy mention them.? Instead mention something about her that few people will notice.

What to Say to Keep Her Interested

As you can see that the best pick up lines is actually something natural like inviting her into a conversation you?re already having.

You?re skipping the hard parts.? And making it a lot easier on yourself.

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