Guru Black Book Review

Guru Black Book Exposed

A couple months back I was approached by Bill Preston and Brad Jackson about being a part of their “Guru Black Book.”

Although I was honored to be asked, I was a little skeptical about what a Guru Black Book would be. ?Brad told me his idea of creating the ultimate resource for guys to use for overcoming different challenges they are facing in their dating life.

It wasn’t until I saw the final product that I realized how powerful the Guru Black Book actually is. ?Brad and Bill interviewed 28 of the top dating instructors in the world on the same common sticking points that guys face. ?And then we all answered our best possible answers for each question.

Just take a look at Brad explain the power of the Guru Black Book

Guru Black Book Preview

As you can see this is an excellent way to overcome your sticking points. ?The Guru Black Book is so powerful because each of the “gurus” is giving their best answer for each question.

The reason I can tell you that you’re going to be getting the best information from each ‘guru’ is because the guru’s are giving their best information in hopes that you’ll like their stuff the best and choose to learn more from them.

So don’t think you’re not getting their best stuff. ?You are.

I know when I answered each of the sticking points, I made sure to give my best answer so that I would stand out from the other gurus in the Guru Black Book.

Along with the answers to all of your sticking points, Brad and Bill have also included some amazing bonuses for ordering the Guru Black Book.

My Guru Black Book Bonus

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Driven to Action is a program I designed to help you take action on everything you learn. ?I realize that a big problem guys face is implementing what they are learning. ?So I created a special 5 video course on exactly how to make what you’re learning in programs like Guru Black Book a part of how you naturally act around women.

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I think you’re really going to enjoy both of the program. (FTC disclosure)