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How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend BACK

Hey Guys,

This is to all of you out there that have lost someone important to you, whether it happened a long time ago or recently.

Losing your girlfriend, especially to another guy can be a huge emotional shocker, it can be cause for a lot of introspection.

Wasn?t I good enough?
Did I not make her happy?
Is there someone else?

While these questions eat you up inside, there?s also anger, anger that she hurt you, anger that something happened beyond your control.

Worse still that it feels like no one gets how you feel.

Maybe it was fate.

F**k fate.

Here is a quick guide to *Getting Her Back* ? by my good friend Mehow.

?Well, guess what? It is possible to get your ex back, I?m talking from experience. You see just 2 months ago my girlfriend broke up with me for one of her ex-boyfriends, I was gutted. I never saw this coming and it hurt like hell.

However, there was a silver lining, I already had the tools to get this girl back.

After getting my ex back personally I realized how important it is; that this knowledge needed to be shared.

Now, it would be irresponsible of me to tell you to continue reading if:

1) You dont actually care about her, you just want her back i.e. trying to control her

2) You broke up for a real reason that makes the relationship
impossible to work

3) You are an emotional wreck, it?s going to take some emotional stability to get her back, you want to be strong.

4) She hurt you and then left, if she hurt you then find a better girl, one that wont repeat that pattern.

5) Finally, you must be willing to work at the relationship and compromise.

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Still reading?

Ok, now that we?ve put that to the side let?s get into it. The first step is you must remain friends with your ex. This is crucial, if you let all contact slip away then over time all the feelings and emotions that bound you together will dissipate and at that point it?s like starting from scratch. It can be done and it?s encouraged for those of you whose relationships are over because of hug emotional turmoil that she?ll be reminded of when she sees you.

For most of you this doesn?t apply. Call her, see her and talk to her, convince her that you can remain friends and that itll be good to channel all that time you?ve spent together into an amazing and supportive friendship.

The next part is very, very important. When you next hang out with her and see her, you need to remain relaxed, un-needy and not bring up any of the bad emotions or break up talk unless she does.

You want to start acting how you were both acting during the best parts of your relationship, behaving like everything is perfect between you and ultimately have a great time with her.

But make sure there are other women around when you do this. For example, invite your ex “as a friend” to a party or club event where there are a lot of other women. Talk to your ex but also make triple sure you’re talking, in front of her, to the other women and she sees that.

This creates the killer magic combination of “faux friend zoning” your-EX plus jealousy. Its a really nice push/pull. The friend zone is pushing her away while the jealously is pulling her towards you.
Because you guys use to date there ill still be a high level of intimacy between both of you (combined with all the stuff i just told you), and it?s possible that you may end up sleeping together again. If this happens then great, but if not then that?s cool too. The important step is to show that you can both enjoy each others company and to start her seeing you as this amazing guy again (with a little sexual tension added in for the fun of it)

When she’s at her emotional high point from the strategic push/pull and feeling really good about you – you need to pull the trigger on “the relationship conversation.” Just candidly talk to her about how there was a problem in the relationship, that neither of you resolved and that caused you to act badly around each other, tell her that this problem is resolved now and so you get on better then ever. She should realize that with this problem gone you and her can be very happy together.

==>?New Video: ?How to Have Multiple Girlfriends (and keep them all happy)

In my situation I told the girl in question that we were fighting because she felt guilty about having feelings for her ex, now that she didn?t feel guilty it was like we?re back in the same place. She agreed.

Then you escalate towards sex again … and presto … got my girlfriend back.
Now, there is an important concept to maintain throughout future interactions with your ex and that?s value velocity. The premise is that you want to keep her emotionally addicted to you at all times. This way she?ll miss you when you aren?t gone and she should start calling you to chat. A lot. This concept is too huge for the scope of this article unfortunately (for more on ?value velocity? go here LINK)

– Mehow

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