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How to Meet Girls on Facebook

Strategies for How to Meet Girls Using Facebook

There are a myriad ways to meet nice people in our advanced and technological society, but oftentimes technology can provide painful roadblocks instead of sensible solutions. Oftentimes, your computer is the one preventing you from having social interactions ? completely silly. Like any other tool, technology, and social networking can be used to expand your horizons instead of allowing them to be the limiting factor preventing you from going out.

So, how do you use Facebook to get girls?

The same way you get them in real life ? by communicating and getting them out. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow if you?re going to use Mark Zuckerberg?s creation to try to stimulate your social life. Follow them, and you?ll be right as rain. Or don?t, and head on over to MySpace and try the fertile ground there.

Tips For How to Meet Girls on Facebook

1.? Just like in real life, look interesting.

People can judge the tenor of Facebook status updates, what kind of pictures or videos a person posts up ? it all says something about yourself. So you need to make the decision not to be a giant fun-sucking blanket on internet social networking sites. If you have the kind of energy that draws people in, it?ll make it ten times easier to get out about the town with them. If you?re constantly complaining, drawing attention to how you?re not engaging in any activities, and have pictures of yourself sitting in the corner with a lone party hat, you?re not going to be doing any better.

2.? Have contact with the person initially.

There?s a key thing to getting girls from Facebook that you don?t realize ? you?re not going to get them cold. You?re not just going to friend a girl that you think looks cute, message her, and convince her with the power of the internet to like you. It?s a more nuanced process. After you get someone?s number, it?s perfectly naturally to get her name. After you get someone?s name, you can look them up on Facebook. Just don?t be that guy who does nothing but stare and cycle through their pictures all day. From there, you need to get them off of Facebook. You can only do so much in a darkened room with a keyboard.

3.? The point of social networks is to be social.

You can get trapped behind the lure of technology and not implement it to go out ? but you?d be stupid. After you get a girl?s information on Facebook, where do you think you take it? Outside. Facebook can be miraculously helpful at things other than hoarding your personal data ? there are groups dedicated to interesting things that uo can do in your city or any surrounding city. Google can tell you what to do in Mongolia, even if you?re in Valdosta, Georgia ? you have nothing to worry about. Where?s this going? You can figure out an interesting activity to do, then invite that person to it. That?s really the entire point of Facebook. Again, if you?re using it to stalk people, stop.

4.? Always be going for Facebook details.

It?s much easier to get somebody?s Facebook info than their phone numbers, which means if you?re going out on a regular basis, you should build up a good compendium of Facebook details. The more you have, the easier it is to get a lot of people out to an event. How?s it look when there are a bunch of people that you?ve brought, all at an event that you helped facilitate, all wandering around, having fun, and throwing affectionate glances in your direction? Pretty good. That?s the best social proof you could possibly be maintaining. How awesome would it be to be able to generate that easily and repetitively? Now youcan, if you use Facebook in the proper form.

5.? Look for Facebook tells.

There are a few things you can find out about someone judging from your interactions on Facebook. For instance, any time a girl Facebook chats you unsolicited, you can pretty much assume that she?s interested. Doesn?t seem like much, but it?s a giant cue that the person is interested in you. If they have the tendency to like things that you post, or pictures where you look especially good, you?re on the tright track. Message her and shoot for a meet-up.

So it?s not all bad news if you?re trapped at your job, and all you have to use is Facebook. Used properly, it can be a tool to implement building better connections with people and even, GASP, to meet girls.

Again, this doesn?t mean that you should go friending people who you?ve never met, but know that if you suddenly have an influx of new Facebook friends, you?ll know what course of action to take.? I hope you found these tips on how to meet girls on Facebook helpful.

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