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Porn Star Sex Life “Incredible Sex Video Series” Review

My Review of Porn Star Sex Life’s Incredible Sex Video Series

The Porn Star Sex Life ?Incredible Sex Video Series? might have a similar title to hundreds of other sexual technique and advice programs out there, but it gets into a lot more detail than the average sex ebook or video.

I was half-expecting the usual incomplete collection of tips and advice when I viewed this series. But it is a complete course that follows a logical progression from pre-foreplay all the way through the happy (hopefully) ending. ?Logical? might be a strange word to use when describing a sex technique course, but it makes sense that when you are improving your bedroom game (or any other skill), going step by step is the best approach. Who wants to learn a few vaguely new positions and then hear some clique advice about pleasing a woman.

And that’s why I like Incredible Sex Video Series: it covers everything that a guy needs to do to please a woman (and it even gets into some areas that might not be for everyone). Maybe you don’t have porn star ambitions, but this complete guide to improving your bedroom skills can make you have sex like an adult film icon.

I’ll break down each part of this series (the makers call them ?modules?) so you can see exactly how detailed this program gets.

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What’s In The Incredible Sex Video Series?

In Module 1, the series’ actors show techniques for maximizing pre-foreplay time. No secrets here, right? I mean, anyone who has been though high school has learned how to kiss (probably from trial and error). But this section of the series shows that there is more to it than the usual saliva swapping and neck sucking. The actors show exactly where and how to kiss so that you can get the most positive response and get your partner begging to go on to more intimate activities.

Module 2 focuses on the lost art of fingering. This module shares techniques developed by lesbian porn star Justine Joli, who obviously knows what she is talking about. Of all the information in this program, this module is arguably the most helpful, because it provides the straight dope on the often-misunderstood G-spot. This section could actually be a bit of a pride-buster for many viewers, who will realize that they’ve been doing it wrong up until now.

Module 3 builds off of Module 2, with the actors teaching how to give a woman an orgasm only using fingering techniques. These techniques alone make the Incredible Sex Video Series worthwhile. Master the sex skills taught in this section, and you’ll be able to satisfy your partner before you’ve even really got started with the ?good stuff.?

The good stuff? Module 4 shows guys how to improve their oral skills. This section might provide another cringing ?I’ve been doing it wrong all this time? moment. But the various techniques for licking patterns, shaping your tongue to get the best response, and the down-low on the infamous ?suction and flicker? method are make the pride-injury worthwhile. .

Module 5 is a slightly humorous entry into the program. It deals with those things that are seen in porn movies that really do not feel good in real life and are done only because they look good on camera. So anyone who has learned some of their sex game from watching adult films (that would be pretty much everyone reading this, right?), can get a lot out of this section. This particular video is also interesting because it takes you behind the scenes of a porn shoot and shows you what really goes on. Two ?bonus modules? (Modules 11 and 12) also provide a behind the scenes look into the adult entertainment world. One section is a Q and A section with the ?talent? that demonstrate the techniques in this series and the other is an in depth look at the porn industry and what it takes to be an adult film star.

Module 6 gets into the actual nuts and bolts of sex: positions. Surprisingly, there is not a whole lot of the exotic stuff you see in porn or in the Kama Sutra. In fact, most of the info in this section concerns variations of common positions. There are lots of techniques for getting deeper penetration and making yourself seem bigger to your lover by making simple changes to the basics. This approach was impressive to me: they teach you how to do what actually feels good, not what looks good on camera.

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Modules 7 and 8 get into some more adventurous stuff including anal sex, roll play, domination, and ?rough? sex. Not everyone will get into these sections, but they are here for the curious and adventurous (or anyone who may find themselves in bed with a curious or adventurous partner).

Module 9 is another useful one. It focuses on how men can develop more control over their erection and orgasm. It even provides ?exercises? that can help guys last longer and feel bigger. One of the strengths of this series is the ?behind the scenes? loos that viewers get. This module shares porn star secrets for getting hard on demand and then staying hard through hours-long shoots. Not a bad set of knowledge to have if you want to impress your partners with your stamina.

The last section covers safe sex. Yes, not the most fun subject, but pretty important. The module shows how porn stars deal with health issues and how their safe sex techniques can be used to help you avoid health problems that could end your career as Lover #1 for weeks, months or even years.

Is Porn Star Sex Life’s Incredible Sex Videos Worth the Money?

Lots of sex programs claim to have insider info, but Porn Star Sex Life ?Incredible Sex Video Series? really stands out because of the way the techniques are presented and the obvious knowledge that the makers and actors in the series have about advanced sexual skills.

This is definitely a great value for anyone who wants to be a better lover (perhaps even the best lover that your partners have ever had).

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Incredible Sex Video Series by Porn Star Sex Life.

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