Insanity Max 30

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Looking to get the most efficient workout in the least amount of time? How does 30 minutes sound? This is exactly what Shaun Ts new workout MAX:30 is going to do for you!

The insanity max 30 workout is out there now and it?s definitely doing justice to its name. I am an insanity graduate and the max 30 took things to a whole new level, my review therefore come in live and straight from me. I think you should start this off immediately especially if you have already been a hardcore insanity and/or T25 fan. My goal when starting off with the max 30 was to beat my last failures. Here are some basic concerns I thought I?d answer hoping my review gives you as much of an insight as possible.

What is the new Insanity Max 30 workout and how is it different from Insanity or the T25?

  • The insanity max 30 workout is half an hour long, that is, 30 minutes. This is a total of a 60 day workout which is pumped up from the T25, and is devised to drive you to your maximum. I found it very hard, very sweaty and very insane since I didn?t see all this coming for just 30 minutes! This workout consists of more than 150 new sequences and moves, your limits will be tested like they have never been tested before. Do think about sharing your story when you do this. This work out, starting from 30 minutes can go up to the point you get in shape. I had to give it my all until I couldn?t take anymore of it, which started first with 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, then with 20 minutes till I caught up with it, got on track with Shaun and did the complete 30 minutes. I was scared first and felt nothing less than being in a fitness boot camp but managed to do it so yay. Also, the max 30 workout runs in two 30 day phases, the format of each 30 minute workout is such:
  • The sweat breaks you get are similar to a Tabata style where you do twenty seconds and then go ten seconds off, so in this way you are getting some time of recuperation. What I loved best was the Friday workout, its especially designed for people like me who are set to get onto the weekend, it is the hardest of them all introduced for the week but it is the one that will make you go to the max, which is why the new insanity max 30 gets its name MAX. And this is absolute dedicated 30 minutes of pure cardio.

Equipment needed?

  • The workouts do not require any machines or equipment, just watch and go and utilize your own body weight, that?s all you have to offer from your side.

What exactly are the workouts going to be like?

  • Warm up, followed by a quick break, there are then three exercises at 30 seconds each, that is, three rounds of each for four and half minutes. You get a 30 second break and then you repeat for the 5 rounds total. So either you are doing three cardio or you are doing strength moves for a few seconds. This high powered training at intervals is at its best and is geared to burning calories and fat highly effectively. Something else I really looked forward to, was that in the second month Shaun T will be adding some very awesome power moves to bring up the results of the max 30 fitness regime.
    Though this was very challenging and hard to get through at the same time, but before the insanity max 30 was launched I saw a few sneak peak reviews and videos and found quite a few moves that were similar to the T25 and Insanity, but when I actually came to it, it had many twists which were very unexpected to me. As I said, it was very challenging and it took me a few rounds to get around it at first and then to get used to it, following the new moves and other paraphernalia.

What will it cost me?

  • The new insanity max 30 workout has cost me around $119.95, this is not so bad considering I just have to this diligently myself and don?t need to spend on any equipment or material. However, what is interesting is that Beachbody comes up with different challenge packs through which you can also try out shakeology which will give you the shake and the workout and a significantly reduced discounted price, it will be worth a try, something not to miss.

What if I have other Shaun T Workouts already?

  • I never mind variety in my life, in fact, I love new experiences and to try out new stuff. Trying out this new workout was a bonus for me since, though it is a Shaun T product, it comes with moves with a twist which push me to my ultimate fitness point. What I also had to think for myself is that buying the workouts is not the only prerogative, its how well I go about and actually follow them. The previous workouts could also be burning you out, something like what started happening to me, and following this the new workout came as a blessing to me and got me going again. The same way, it is really up to you how you would like to go about it, but its really worth a try especially if you are someone who is committed to a truly fit self.
  • Just be sure, that the new insanity max 30 is going to push you far and hard. The insanity workout left many nuts after the first 10 minutes, well this is max 30!

The comment section is open for any questions, concerns or feedback you may have. And all I would like to leave you with is that there are really no short cuts to a commitment to yourself in getting into right shape. Do the workout, push yourself, dedicate your 30 minutes and you will begin getting the results. If you follow the diets you will get even better results.

When Will Insanity Max 30 Release?

  • The Insanity Max 30 is all set to rock your living room this December. The release of the DVD is confirmed for U.S, however if you are in Canada or the UK, you may have to wait a bit more because the release dates for these regions are still not announced. But don?t worry, from my past experience, I know Beachbody will make sure you get the program in these regions within a few months of official U.S release.
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