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Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging focuses on one of the most often-misused means of communicating with women: text message.? This information and advice-paced book shows readers that texting isn’t all about silly acronyms and emoticons, it can actually be used as a tool for getting dates and even seducing women.

This book, written by TSB Magazine founder Bobby Rio, starts by pointing out what most guys do wrong when text messaging with girls.? Some of the examples of texting mistakes are painfully realistic.? We’ve all had girls lose interest seemingly without reason after a few days, weeks or even months of mainly text-based communication.? Most of us shrug it off with a ?damn it!? and an excuse like ?guess she was just not into me.?? That excuse, and others like it,? don’t play in the world of Magnetic Messaging.?? That’s because this book has a unique idea: it sees texting as a chance to take things to the next level, not as a stand-in for face-to-face communication.? The overall point of the book is to teach guys to use texting to get that next face-to-face meeting and to ensure that that meeting includes more than simple conversation.

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What’s In Magnetic Messaging Ebook?

The book starts by warning readers to get past the ?Hi.? How are you?? texts.? These non-Magnetic Messages may annoy a woman, at worst, or at least make her wonder why you are texting.? Generic messages put pressure on a girl to either ignore the text, shoot back a similarly vague greeting, or try to come up with something else to say.?? I think a majority of us have been ?Hi. How are You? guys at some point.? And a majority of us have been left wondering what went wrong when that kind of casual texting didn’t lead to a date or even a phone conversation.

What is the Key Lock Sequence?

Magnetic Messaging points all of us texting minor-leaguers in the right direction with something called the Key Lock Sequence.? This sequence skips the small talk and focuses on actually getting a woman to notice you and think about you in a way that is different from the way that she thinks about all the other guys whose numbers she has in her phone.? The ?sequence? starts with a text that appeals to her emotions and shows a flirtatious side that lets you know that you are not interested in being a texting buddy or a casual friend, but that you are really into her..? Magnetic Messaging gives readers specific ideas about what this initial text should say, though anyone can take the basic idea and framework provided by Rio and come up with their own unique first text.

The second part of the Key Lock Sequence builds off the first message by forging an emotional connection that gets a girl imagining future meetings with you and thinking of you in a way that is different from all the other guys who text her.? Again, the book gives specific ideas for what to say in this second round of texting, as well as providing a more-general framework for guys who want to riff a little bit.

The final part of the Key Lock Sequence, the proverbial money shot, is a message that gets a woman to think about you in a sexual way.? Nope, this does not involve sending the kind of picture message you are chuckling about right now.? From all the athletes and celebrities who get caught sending the ?pants-down snapshot,? we should all know that naked pics are not a good way to get a girl’s attention (though they work great at getting her lawyer’s attention).? No, this last Magnetic Message is sent to implant in a woman’s mind the idea that you are someone that she wants to spend time with and even go to bed with.? This critical last message assures you that you won’t end up in the dreaded ?friend zone.?

Does it Help?

I like the step by step approach of this book.? It teaches readers to be concise and takes out a lot of the room for error that is still present in other phone seduction courses that are currently on the market.? Plus, it makes absolutely perfect sense.? I mean, would you rather spend a few texts finding out what a girl is doing and what she had for breakfast, or would you rather spend those few texts employing the Key Lock Sequence and have her thinking about having breakfast with you… in bed.

The Magnetic Messaging book even came with bonus material for guys who want to take it a step further and move from being a Magnetic Messager to a messaging mastermind who has honed his skills to such a level that women’s clothes literally seem to fall off by the third or fourth message.

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