Maintaining Weight for Men

I know myself and most of my buddies typically are on and up and down battle to stay in shape and keep an ideal weight. Well ideal weight sounds more womanly, maybe I should say most of my buddies are trying to keep from getting a gut and at least have a 2 – 4 pack showing.  I can’t say that I have ever had a shredded six pack like you see in the magazines, but I can say that I have always been able to stay away from having a big gut.

One of the top things I contribute to that is by using meal replacement shakes. I know most of you might be saying, but I want to eat a real meal or most of those shakes taste like garbage. This is true most of the time. I too want to eat real big meals with all the sides I want, but I also know that is where my gut is going to come from.  With all the meal replacement shakes out there, there is no reason you cannot find one you like either. I normally stick to Shakeology from Beach Body, GNC lean shake “cookies & Cream mmm…”, or I make my own.  When making my own I typically stick to a generic whey protein powder and mix it fruits, flaxseed, and other ingredients that I feel like eating.

Like I said earlier I typically am in an up and down battle to stay in shape. That basically means I will usually be totally into a workout program and eating very clean for 30-45 days then something happens. I am not sure what, but I lose focus and start to fall back into lazy mode. This is where the protein shakes come into play big time. In the past I would normally go from the high of working out and eating to the low of doing nothing and eating junk. What I have found is a happy place for myself. This happy place involves the meal replacement because it really does let me stay almost even when I am off my working out regimen. Sure I put on a few pounds and I definitely get out of shape, but  I am able to stay in a place where I am only a few weeks out from knocking those pounds off and feeling good. It used to be workout hard for awhile then kill all the gains by eating junk again and doing nothing. It was a viiscious cycle that I was in for years. By swapping in a meal replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner I have been able to better maintain my physique.  I sometimes even use one for a snack at night. That is the other big thing as well about late night eating. I have really disciplined myself to not eat after 8pm.

I hope most  of this is making sense to you. You have to remember that doing this is easy! Guess what? It is also easy NOT to do, so you need to discipline yourself to stick to a plan and move forward with it. This is what makes sense for me and has worked. What is the point in eating right going to the gym and then only have it backfire on you because of your laziness.