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Online Dating Tips

How to Succeed on Internet Dating Sites

There?s a great big world out there for people who want to meet other people.

There are bars, nightclubs, concert venues, meet-up groups, tastings, organizations for alumni, and the latest facet of our busy culture to emerge and scare up a billion-dollar market share ? online dating.

There?s a wealth of information out there waiting for people who are willing to work the dating scene, go to bars, brave loud noises and throbbing bass. But what about the people who want to take the guesswork out of meeting people? What about the kind of people who already know what they want and don?t want to spend the time wading through the public, they just want to pair up? Those people are looking for other people through the miracle of technology that is the internet. They?ve turned to online dating, and there are far less decent resources to look at to make you better at that.

That sound you?re hearing is TSB?s staff of well-trained professionals, putting our heads together to make you better at what you want to do. And if that thing you want to do is online dating, come along with us.

Online Dating Tips for Men

Online Dating Tip #1: You?re going to have to understand the medium

Even amongst people who online date, there?s still a certain stigma floating around with the entire interface ? as if it indicates someone?s socially less than somebody else who wouldn?t online date. Fortunately for you, that means you can make fun of other people who are using online dating sites terribly ? specifically men. Men tend to put pictures of their abs in online dating profiles, and theirs are usually completely devoid of humor. Point that out. Point out the type of people women would be less likely to date ? self absorbedness, personality drains. If you can spike someone?s interest with a bit of words, the next step will be easy.

Online Dating Tip #2: Don?t give too much of yourself away

What people find attractive isn?t somebody laying themself bare, revealing every bit of information they can to try to seduce the right type of women. Instead of doing that, women are usually attracted to the people they have to work for, unlock, layers that they have to strip away. It?s much more different than a man, who?ll just see something that they like and be instantly attracted. Women have to become attracted. They do it at different speeds. So engineer your profile to hit on the right points, without being too overt.

Online Dating Tip #3: Know what women are looking for

The number one rule of game that always goes ignored is internalizing and being aware of what women are after when they look to date a man. They?re not necessarily looking for a guy who dresses up like a magician with a fuzzy hat ? a certain type of woman may be looking for that. And that type is very easy to get if you have enough money or enough flash ? you don?t want that type. It?s not long-term or permanent. Women are looking for men who are dominant enough to handle them, but valuable enough to be able to provide things. People may argue all they want about that, but it?s the basest truth. So, you have to demonstrate in a profile that you?re able to provide that.

Online Dating Tip #4: Be able to catch someone?s interest

There are a number of things, in terms of online dating tips, that have been proven to be effective in responses from women. Some of those include simple things you can do with your profile ? like having pictures of you doing interesting things. Pictures with small dogs and babies have also statistically proven to increase someone?s likelihood or responding to your internet lure. Although you might object to taking a picture with a small dog or a baby, trust us. It works. That, coupled with a playful profile that doesn?t reveal too much about you and can really get someone on the cusp of being emotionally invested in you.

Online Dating Tip #5: Know how to open, through the internet

Things aren?t that different in internet land versus real life. You still need to make an attempt to make the first move. So take something from her profile, compliment her on it. Be it a movie, book, what have you, you have a lot of leeway to work with. People like talking about themselves. Find a way to get people to do that, and then go forward.

In a busy world, you might resort to meeting people online. And there?s nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you go about it the right way, using these online dating tips and you?ll see the same kind of success PUA?s have, only with the internet cutting the middleman out of actually going out.

You may even enjoy it more.

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