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Paul Janka Review

Paul Janka’s “Attraction Formula” Review (And video of him with woman)

Everyone seems to have an opinion of Paul Janka’s character.? Some say he is sleazy… Some say he is a womanizer….? And some even say that he is a scum bag.

But what just about everyone agrees on is that Paul Janka is a MASTER at meeting new women, and taking them to bed.? This guy gets RESULTS.

I first saw him on The Dr. Phil Show and found him to be a little cocky and arrogant.? And felt like he might have something against women.? And for that reason I avoided him for years.

But? then I finally went ahead and decided to review Paul Janka’s Attraction Formula.

I was suprised to find that Paul has some unique and interesting things to say about:

– Approach anxiety: remember, she’s just another person trying to get by

– Fear of others watching: guys understand your rap ’cause they’ve been there.

– Getting the number:? In Paul’s system this is the ONLY thing that matter (you’ll understand when you read the book)

Video of Paul Janka in Action

==> Video of Paul Explaining his Exact Method

As you can see watching the video Paul’s entire method is based around quickly getting a woman’s phone number.? Paul has realized what most of us have probably realized over the years.? That not every phone number turns into a date.? And no matter how “great” the initial conversation is, the most important thing is to get her out.

Paul understands that no matter how great a guy’s game is… women are still going to flake.? So he teaches you how to go out there and quickly and easily get dozens of phone numbers per week.? This allows you to contact a dozen different girls per week.? And out of the dozen he says two or three will respond.? Two will go on a date with you. And one will sleep with you.

As much as that sounds like “playing the numbers”… its precicely what I found to be true over the years.

What Paul Janka’s specialty is breaking it down and showing you how to easily get women’s phone numbers with little chance of rejection.

Attraction Formula Pro’s:

– No fluff, no bullshit… just clear facts on what you need to do get more women in your life

– Unlike books written by some wannabees… there is no denying that Paul lives what he preaches.? He has learned everything in this from experience.

– Easy to consume.? And a precise plan of action you can use to begin meeting more women today

– Makes everything easy to implement.? Nothing he teaches is complicated.

– If you follow his simple system you WILL be meeting more women

Attraction Formula Con’s:

– Paul’s system works for guys who are at least average looking.? Guys that are very “flawed” in the looks department would probably be better off learning from someone else.? Paul assumes you’re atleast an average looking guy for this to work.

– You need to have a little bit of balls to use this stuff.? A lot of Paul Janka’s approach requires you to ask for a phone number.? And if you still aren’t comfortable doing that then you’re probably better off with a program that will get you over that fear first.

My Opinion on Paul Janka’s Attraction Formula

Overall I think this is a great program for a guy who already has some degree of skill with women, but wants to take his game to the next level.? This is not for guys who are too scared to even talk to girls.? But once you get over your fear of approaching a woman, then Paul Janka’s Attraction Formula is a must-have as it will show you exactly how to get massive amounts of phone numbers, and turn a good percentage of those numbers into dates (and yes, sex)

==> Video of Paul Explaining his Exact Method

More of Pual Janka in Action

==> Video of Paul Explaining his Exact Method





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