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10 Pickup Lines That Work

The Best Opening Lines to Get Girls

I’ve been helping guys learn how to attract a woman for the past five years.? And it seems the most important things guys want to know are what pick up lines to use.? While I think there are much more important parts of a seduction then a good pick up line?? I do agree that it makes it a lot easier to attract a woman when you know how to start a conversation with a woman.

So let’s take the time right now to break down when girls want you to say when you start a conversation with a girl? and what kind of pick up lines do guys use that work best.

To answer this we’ll start in two steps.

Let?s understand:

1.? What kind of pick up lines turn women off?

And then?

2.? What kind of opening lines do women like?

With this approach it will help us gain some understanding of the criteria that is most important.

1. What kind of approaches turn women off?

a.) Women will very rarely respond to a man who approaches her in the same boring way that every other guy startsaconversation with her.? This means women don’t like to be asked the same questions, told the same compliments, or hear the same pick up lines.? If a woman senses you are completely unoriginal she will quickly lose interest in you.

b.) Women don’t like guys who use cheesy pick up lines.? No matter what you might have heard?cheesy pick up lines don’t work.? Maybe in the 1930’s this sort of thing attracted girls, but in our culture women find it insulting and ridiculous when guys resort to using these lame opening lines.

c.) Never buy a drink to start a conversation with a woman.? Attractive women are programmed to expect men to buy them a drink in a bar.? When a man buys her a drink he immediately loses value in her eyes.? Although women like drinks, they don’t respect a man who feels he has to buy her something in order to talk to a woman.? This lowers his value in her eyes on a subconscious level.

d.) Avoid using a compliment as a pick up line or way to start a conversation with a woman.? A beautiful woman has heard every compliment known to man? and she no longer finds it interesting to have another guy tell her she is beautiful.? In fact, at this point it has begun to annoy her.

3.) Women are turned off by a man who invades her personal space too soon.? And she doesn’t like a guy who can’t read the signals that she is sending him.? When you begin a conversation with a woman never smother her.? And your pick up lines should never infringe on her having a good time.? What I mean by this?is if you plan on interrupting a woman’s night out? you better be ready to create a fun conversation.

Understanding this, you can understand why most pick up lines fail.? Men simply feel that they can walk up to a girl, use some crappy opening line, and she is supposed to suddenly be attracted to him.? But what you fail to understand is that women have heard every pick up line and compliment in the book? and crave something different.

Now let’s talk about?

2.? What kind of opening lines do women like?

a.) ?Women love the unexpected.? Women have the “romantic comedy” vision of their ideal guy popping into her lifeunexpectedly.? In this vision, he almost never uses a pick up line.? In fact, often she doesn’t even know he is hitting on her.? This allows her to open up to him much more naturally, allow time for attraction to build.

b.) Women love a guy who is a challenge.? This is why it’s important to never compliment a girl too early or too much.? She likes it when she feels that her personality is slowly winning you over.? If she thinks a guy is solely attracted to her because of her looks she will be less attracted to him.

c.) Women like opening lines that don’t feel like pick up lines.? They like to feel like a conversation started naturally.
This is because conversations flow much more smoothly when guys are blatantly hitting on a woman.? There is much less pressure for either the guy or the girl to perform.

d.) Women like spontaneity.? They don?t want to see you standing there for an hour waiting for the courage to approach a woman.? This is why it is important to approach a woman as soon as you make eye contact with her.? This turns a woman on because she’ll see you an assertive man who goes after what he wants.

e.) Women are extremely attracted to a man who displays a large amount of social intelligence.? They like a man who is “cultured” and understand the dynamics of attraction and sexual tension.

How to use pickup lines in a way that gets a woman to like you?

Since we now have a good understanding (in fact a better understanding then 90% of the guys out there) we know what kind of things we can do to attract a woman? and what sort of things we do that will instantly turn a woman off.

By simply following the advice above you’ll be a lot further ahead of most of the guys out there.? But now I want to supply some types of pick up lines you can use to start conversations with women.

The reason I say “types” of pickup lines is because you never want to just recite a line to a woman.? It is better to understand what sort of opening lines work best? then integrate them with your own personality.

Women expect a guy to take control, lead, carry a conversation.? So it’s best to start a conversation with an opening line that demonstrates you are the kind of guy who can do this.

10 Ideas for Pick Up Lines for Guys To Get Girls

1.? Use your environment as a source of conversation.? Look for funny, humorous or interesting things in your environment to comment on.

2.? Use the “romantic comedy” formula of accidently interacting with her.? This means you get in her area and confuse her for somebody else, spill a drink near her, or basically do anything that sparks a spontaneous conversation between the two of you.

3.? If you insist on starting with a compliment based pick up line? then use a compliment she is unlikely to have heard before.? And instead of complimenting her on her looks, instead compliment her on her sense of style, her energy, her enthusiasm, her vibe?

4.? Ask her opinion on something.? This is called an “opinion opener” and is one of the easiest ways to start a conversation with a woman.? You simply have something you need an opinion on.? In this book of pick up openers you can read over 100 tested opinion openers that you can use to start a conversation with a woman.

5.? Use a gimmick to start a conversation.? This means you “stage” a reason to talk to her.? For instance, you can have a survey you need filled out, a magic trick you need a helper for, or any other sort of gimmick that gets her involved in talking to you.

6.? Simply smile at her and signal for her to come over to you.? This works if you have caught her making eye contact with you.? When she walks over its best to say something like “I sensed you were too shy to come over?”

7.? Start a conversation with her entire group.? Most times women are in groups when they go out.? So instead of focusing on coming up with something to say solely to the woman you’re interested in? open up the entire group.? In my book of opening lines I give out 10 good lines for opening groups of women.

8.? Open by making statements rather than asking questions.? Most women are sick of boring “interview mode” style approaches from guys.? So instead of trying to force her to talk? be prepared with an interesting story or opinion of your own to share.

9.? Women love to know what other people think of them.? A great pick up line to use is to try to guess what is going on inside the woman’s mind or reality.

10.? Remember, women like a challenge.? So don’t give a way your hand too soon.? Instead, progress the interaction in a way in which she believes she is slowly seducing you.

The best way to think about what are good pick up lines for guys is to think about how to make a girl have fun around you? while displaying your most masculine qualities.

And if you want examples of good opening lines then I highly suggest you grab a copy of my book.

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